Friday, March 8, 2013

The Amazing Race: Like James Bond Again(S22E3)

Well, that was a fun little break for me:  it was new nephew weekend, and then I was a major slacker, so expect lots of reviews starting tomorrow, when I have a day off finally.  To start...
SO we jump right back in with a recap of Dave’s possible race ending injury.  But first, an overview:  The teams fly out to Christchurch, New Zealand(Phil’s hometown) where the boat out to the detour, a choice between fishing and vintage racecar driving.  The car thing was a bit of a trick, since both team members had to finish a course with a combined time of 83 seconds.  The teams then went to a hillside to participate in a messy obstacle course involving molasses and chicken feathers, ending with a dunk in a manure pond.  Lovely.  They then get to see Phil in all their stinky glory.  I bet Phil felt very lucky to smell that.
Bates and Anthony left first, and still didn’t leave much of a mark in my brain, beyond being following followers who follow, all the way to the top of the wrong mountain.  Smooth, guys.
Dave and Connor went to the hospital to check out Dave’s ankle, and it turns out he tore both the tendon and the muscle.   They got a boot from a pharmacy, and decided to continue on.  Jessica and Jon did give them the express pass, which was used almost immediately at the detour, since Dave couldn’t drive stick, and neither of them had the patience for fishing.  Connor was able to do the obstacle course, and Dave and Connor came in first.  But will they stay in the race?
Jessica and Jon, beyond giving the express pass to the team that posed the least threat to them, were completely forgettable.
Joey and Megan were surprisingly competent in everything they did, which surprised me a bit, since I am pretty sure I still hate them.
Chuck and Wynona though they were so smart, they took the latest flight out of Bora Bora.  They also were the only team to take the fishing detour, which was finished competently.
Mona and Beth apparently were racing, but I have absolutely no recollection of that occuring.
Caroline and Jennifer likewise made no impression.
Max and Katie are still on my haaaaaaaaate list, but no new reasons this week, luckily for them.
Pam and Winnie managed to get into first place for all of five minutes at a bunching point, but when they actually had to navigate themselves, fell down to fifth again.  Other than that, they were another forgettable team.
An to end, when Dave and Connor came in first, we learned that we don’t have a pit stop this leg, and everyone is still racing.  Dun dun DUN!

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