Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Funny Stuff: CBS Monday(11/26)

It’s Monday, so that means…

How I Met Your Mother

This was a decently funny episode, and had some major movement on pushing Marshal into his final arc.

We opened with Marshal sitting in front of a Judicial Review Committee, ostensibly due to his performance in court the previous week, which we all remember is the trial with the water pollution, and the ‘friend’ that stole the strategy.

He goes through the entire trial, from his friend playing the sympathy card to the  (oddly) all female jury, to his friend doing the bend(minus the snap) to show off his rear end to that same jury, as well as the judge who was really into it for some reason.  His friend brought out a crackpot expert witness, and Marshall brought out a duckie with a rash.  His friend played a video he made about the polluted lake, and Marshal asked him to take off his shirt, showing the rash his friend had due to the lake.

This won Marshal the trial, but the judge only fined the company $25,000, instead of the millions Marshal was hoping for.  That brought Marshal to chat with his friend, who decided to get back to his roots, and managed to get a job at Marshal’s firm, for reasons.  But he put a seed into Marshal’s head…

In that, Marshal decided to request a judgeship.  Oh snap.  He figured if he had that position, he could enact the change he so desired, cause that is totally what judges are for, not to determine if someone broke the law, but to create law.  Nice, show.  Hopefully they don’t really go that route, cause I would not be a happy camper.  But I am glad they finally are getting Marshal to that flashforward we saw in season two or three.  Only took four years.

In other, less interesting plot news, the rest of the gang got into a pissing match about who was the biggest badass. 

Lily said she was generally rude to everyone, browbeat Scooter, and the whole block was scared of her.

Ted said something about being locked up and yelling at a cop.

Barney was very friendly with the bailiff, and was implied to know his way around a pair of handcuffs.

Robin supposedly got drunk, had noise complaints, and threw a TV out a window as a precursor to passing out on and getting arrested for driving a zamboni.

Of course, Ted was at a Ren fest, and got put in one of those head/hand tomato throwing things, Barney was the youngest member of the magic appreciation society, and Robin got a trophy for being just the nicest hotel guest in the whole country.

Lily, on the other hand, still scares people as she walks down her block.

Anyway, the main star of the episode was Marshal, and honestly?  If this were The Marshal Show, it would probably be much better.  He really is the best character, and it’s fun watching him grow, and be funny at the same time.  The rest can one or the other, but not at the same time, and the show really suffers for it.

I did get a couple of funny lines:

Marshal, after his friend gloats he knows Marshal’s strategy: “But I still got some tricks up my sleeve that you know nothing about!” “Really?”  “No.”
Ted(I think), after Barney’s badassitude is revealed: “See ya round, baby hands!”

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