Saturday, April 21, 2012

TOP 10, since everyone loves a list!

I had my first suggestion, and it was a great one:  Top 10 lists!

I thought I’d start with a bit of a standard, see how it works for me, so today we have:

Disney animated movies!

A quick note, I haven’t seen Tangled yet, so that one wasn’t taken into account.

Beauty and the Beast

As the song says, tale as old as time.  I enjoy the stained glass pro- and epilogue, and I really enjoy singing along to all the songs, even if Beast doesn’t really do it for me, personally.  Belle basically singing the plot of the movie in the opening number really gets me, too.  As a kid, this one felt like ‘Bri’s movie’(Pajiciuos, anyone?) so I didn’t really connect with it as much as some others.

101 Dalmations

Who can’t sing along to ‘Cruella DeVil’?  With 99 puppies, this movie literally could not get any cuter, especially when they are hiding out as chocolate labs.  I remember the daycare kids wearing out several copies of this tape(yes, it was watched that often), which is why it is ranked relatively low.  A person can only watch a movie so many times and still enjoy it.


Even though Disney pretty much gutted the story and wrote is as they wanted it to be, this movie is still tons of fun, I just love singing “I can go the distance!’  This one came out later in the Disney canon, I think if it had been earlier, I may have liked it more, but when it did, I was to the ‘ew, Disney’ portion of my life---luckily, this only lasted a couple of years! 
The Little Mermaid

Another entirely sing-alongable movie.  I’m pretty sure I know every song by heart, and could whip them out at a moments notice, if need be.  Of course, we have a heroine throwing herself at a boy she doesn’t even know, but hey, that’s nothing three days can’t fix, right?  This was the beginning of the Disney renaissance, and still holds up today, even with a jagged, awkwardly placed knee.


The art design is fantastic, the songs are lovely, and the sidekicks are freaking adorable.  What’s not to love?(Beside creepy tree woman, scary).  I have heard many critics rail against this movie, and they bring up valid points, BUT, I like going into movies to be entertained, not to pick them apart a thousand way from Tuesday.

The Princess and the Frog

One of Disney’s newer animated movies, this one is super freaking cute.  The character seem real…well, besides the whole turning into frogs thing, and you really feel for them.  You want Tiana so succeed, and are happy for her when she finally does.  Not to mention the uber-creepy villain that get sucked down to hell…maybe. 

Lion King

Another sing-along favorite.   From ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ to ‘Can you feel the love tonight,’ the songs are great.  This Hamlet knockoff really tugs at the heartstrings with the on-screen parent death, the devastation wrought by Scar, and the love story between two anthropomorphic lions.  But back to that devastation…apparently, Scar is a super hero, cause he can make the rain go away.  That is crazy.

 Emperor’s New Groove

I recently discovered this movie on Disney Channel.  They traveled by map before the new muppet movie made it cool!  This is really more of a light-hearted comedy, with some dramatic elements included.  I really enjoy the sense of humor the movie has about itself, from the non-acquiescing villagers, to the over the top villain, this movie is highly under-rated, if I do say so myself.

Lilo and Stitch

The art direction for this movie is fantastic.  If I am remembering correctly, they handpainted the backgrounds with watercolors, and they just outstanding through the whole movie.  Stitch is a hoot and a half, going from obnoxious space alien to beloved member of the family, and none of it seems forced.  Parent death is a normal occurance in the Disney-verse, but Lilo and Stitch really seems to handle it more realistically than most others in the ovure.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for—my number one movie!

Drum roll please…

My choice is…


As if any of you are surprised.  This is not only my favorite Disney movie, it’s my favorite movie movie, as well.  I have a framed poster, I have three copies of it, and I can sing every song, and speak along with just about every line.  Even though the story is…slightly…predictable, the way it is told, and the character choices, especially for Jasmine, seem like things a rational, sane person would do.  Yes, they have a whirlwind romance that only occurs in movies, but she doesn’t just throw herself at him.  Especially when he comes back as Prince Ali, she is wary, but willing to give the benefit of the doubt.  Plus, Abu is adorable, the setting is tons of fun, and the cartoon that followed wasn’t the drek most movie spinoffs are.

So there you have it, my TOP TEN DISNEY MOVIES!

Did I forget a favorite?  Was something too high or too low?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. When I saw Aladdin as number one, before I read what you wrote, I thought "I am not surprised." haha. Although I am surprised by your inclusion of Pocahontas, I thought you didn't like that one.

  2. I think Mulan would be an honorable mention...maybe 11? :D