Monday, September 17, 2012

SNL: 9/15/12 Seth McFarlane/Frank Ocean

And we’re back with another year of everyone’s favorite late night sketch comedy show!   

This year, we have several new cast members to fill in the departed cast of K.Wiig, Abby Elliot, and Andy Samberg.  They are heavy-set female, generic female, generic male, and ugly guy.   I saw the ugly guy most through the show, while Vanessa Bayer took the lion’s share of the female leads.  SNL?  Stop trying to make Bayer happen…she’s almost as bad as fetch.

I’m going to follow the same format I did last year, with the good, the bad and the meh, starting with:

The Good:

Lids-Gangam Style(7)-I’m not sure if I put this one so high due to it actually being funny, or if it has more to do with the lack of actual good material tonight.  In any case, the random gangam dancer to brighten the store clerks day had me laughing, and then when the actual guy came out, it was great.

Intro to Puppets(8)-From Keenan’s fail at voices, to Bill Hader’s PTSD soldier, this sketch had me rolling.  And then when Hader made out with the puppet in the end?  Gold.  In other news, apparently, I’m five.

Wooden Spoons(7)-This sketch, when written out, seems like a terrible idea.  But then, ‘the river what took my son’*head bow.*  I was dying. 

The Meh:
Cold Open:Democratic rally(4)-This may show my bias, but I’m pretty sure this would have been funnier if any of the jabs were true.

Monologue(6)-The entirety of this was Seth McFarlane doing his voices, and then making fun of the fact that it seemed like he was schizophrenic, with the voices in his head.  It had it’s moments, but went on far too long.

Commercial:Obama(5)-Again, my bias on this shows, and the jokes would have been funny if they were even remotely true.

Sex after 50(5)-The overall concept was great: talk show host is ill, her ill-equipped producer sits in and messes everything up.  However, the content was excessively crude, just because they could.  Honestly, it could have worked with any topic, and didn’t need to be sex related to be funny.

Eastwood & Chair(6)-See, this is how you do political satire.  You don’t need to bash the views, just make fun of their weird/goofy ways of expressing those views.  However, it still wasn’t incredibly funny, but it did have a couple of moments.

Weekend Update:Headlines(6)-9 of the 14 jokes were funny to me, but none were really memorable, so the six works.

Army Training Camp(4)-Another sketch that a)went on too long, and b)made fun of a strange topic.

Steve Harvey Makeover(5)-This was…weird.  I didn’t really get it, though the white Steve Harvey was kind of amusing.  Is Steve Harvey even relevant?

Restaurant Blind Date(4)-Interesting concept, poor execution.  This is where my Beyer is going to happen thing comes from.  In another person’s more capable hands, this may have verged on funny, but as it stood, no.

The Ugly:

Weekend Update:Segments(3)-Honey Boo Boo is a terrible show, and to acknowledge it’s existence is to give it power.  Ryan Lochte was amusing for what it was, which was making fun of a person for their terrible interview skills, when all they have really done with their life is swim.  Talk about low hanging fruit.  Mimi Morales could have been good, but the boyfriend piece was obnoxious, and made me want to punch someone.

The Rest:

The musical guest wasn’t terrible, but he doesn’t do my kind of music.  SNL probably only brought him on due to his controversy earlier this summer.

I think it was kind of sad that I found one of the actual commercials funnier than most of this episode.  “$5 pizzas?  That’s crazy, there are no rules!” *Proceeds to take off shirt* “Put your shirt on” “Okay, one rule!”  I was dying laughing at that for a good minute, it was almost ridiculous.

The average score this week was 5.38 which is…kind of higher than I expected, but it is the new year.

1. 9/15 Seth McFarlane/Frank Ocean (5.38)

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