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Glee: Sadie Hawkins(S4E11)

So apparently, continuity is not a word in the Glee writer’s dictionary.

Biggest offender? Tina.  She decided she was unempowered, or something, and started the ‘To Young to be Bitter’ club with Lauren Zises(!), Becky, Sugar Motta, and a couple of random geeky girls.  They decide they need to have a Sadie Hawkins Dance

At the student council meeting, Blaine is slightly apprehensive, but Tina steamrolls the idea through, and a Sadie Hawkins dance is on the calendar.  This leads to an utterly pointless scene of the guys walking down the hall feeling powerless in the face of being the askees instead of the askers, and then we see Finn and Bieste in the teacher’s lounge.  Bieste tells Finn that her own experience in high school with a Sadie Hawkins dance lead her to feel empowered, and that he should use it to get the glee club back together.  “We’re Fugees, though!” Finn doesn’t have the greatest grasp on the English language, but we hate love him anyway.

Anyway, Finn takes this opportunity to have his lesson of the week be ‘ladies choice,’ where the girls sing a song to the guy they want to take to the dance.  And to start?  Tina, signing to…Blaine.  Which is completely and 100% ridiculous.  I would like to call people’s attention to a season one scene(that I unfortunately cannot find) where Tina and Rachel had a Gay Intervention with Mercedes, who had a crush on Kurt.  For her to do a complete 180 is stupid, and completely out of character.  Blaine turns her down, of course, and she’s terribly embarrassed. 

We move on to Brittany and Marley walking down the hall, and apparently, Brittany is terribly astute now, as she has noticed how Marley is crushing on Jake.  Brit does a little spin move, and Marley asks her why she did that: “usually if I do a turn, or say ‘it’s Brittany, bitch,’ the music starts!” and what do you know, we cut to the girls in cute dresses with backup from Sugar, Unique, and a couple others, for Brit and Marley to ask their guys to the dance.

Immediately after, Kitty decides (yet again), that she hates Marley, and doesn’t want Jake to be with her, so she offers him…her virginity, or something?  He even called her on it, asked about her ‘christian values,’ but we all know how this show likes to crap all over values of any kind, so she’s like, whatever.  Puck and Jake talk about it later, and Puck basically tells him not to mess up his life by having sex, and Puck should know, he’s been with every flavor of Cheerio:  Original, Honey Oat...  I’ll admit-I laughed.

Blaine and Tina, on the other side of campus, are having a bit of a discussion.  Tina wants to apologize for putting Blaine on the spot like that, she finally remembered his PTSD when it comes to Sadie Hawkins dances.  Blaine says it wasn’t that, he has a crush on a straight guy, but isn’t a predatory gay(*cough*Kurt*cough*), so he can’t do anything about it.  Tina presses him on who it is, and we get a Sam montage, of course.  Tina completely understands(“Those lips!”), and she asks him ot the dance again, this time as friends.  Blaine agrees, and we cut to…

Puck being super skeevy with Kitty(a minor, as the show helpfully points out).  She asks him to the dance, and is super skanky about the who thing.  It’s actually rather gross, and it’s a good thing I don’t really like the character, or I’d be actually angry at the show, and not just mildly perturbed.

At the dance, Marley and Jake dance, with Marley acting completely spazzy, all the while telling Jake she doesn’t want to be hurt by him.  Beiste gives the wallflowers(mostly the girls of the bitter club) a pep talk, and they go and ask their crushes to dance.  We see Tina and Blaine dancing, and it’s rather sweet, until the camera goes all misty, and it looks like they may kiss…until Sam jumps in and pulls Blaine away for Glee cheating stuff.

Turns out, they have Finn looking at the (circumstantial) evidence they have, including before and after head shots of the Warblers, and a phone video of one of the Warblers trashing a coffee shop in a rage.  Finn rightly tells them they have nothing, so Blaine and Sam call in their secret weapon: a Warbler that didn’t want to take the steroids, and is willing to defect.  Blaine and Sam are all excited about New Directions being back for this year, but did they forget about the third team at regionals that didn’t cheat OR disqualify themselves?  Yeah, I thought so.

After an incredibly sexualized song that should never have made it to the stage of a HIGH SCHOOL dance, SHOW, Kitty and Puck are dancing, and she really enjoyed his misspelled screenplay, and thinks he has talent.  This obviously leads to a little car action from a minor for Puck. Ew.  Jake and Marley are still dancing as well, and Jake agrees to make things more serious.  Tina and Blaine dance as well, as Blaine makes eyes at an oblivious Sam.

Tina takes all this to mean that her bitter club is unnecessary, since Lauren applied for a wrestling scholarship, Becky got to third base, and Sugar danced with Artie.  The ‘Too Young to be Bitter’ club is officially disbanded!

Meanwhile, in NYATA, Kurt is at his first week of class, and has realized college is exactly like high school with the cliques and whatnot.  He sees a sign for a show choir, and he tells Rachel that he is thinking of joining.  Rachel is vehemently against it, as the show choir at NYATA is quite possibly the dorkiest, career killingest thing one could do.  However, with Rachel being so busy with Brody, Kurt longs to find something to do to fit in, and continues stealing glances at the sign until the founder and director spots him.  He’s a skeevy hipster douche, of course, but Kurt is immediately smitten.  Adam asks Kurt to see the performance, and it sure is a thing.

So, there is a lovely controversy here, in that Glee used an arrangement of the song that was done by an internet famous guy, and he is none too pleased, even insinuating they used his instrumentations and things.  Nothing can be proved of course, beyond the fact that they did use his arrangement.  He is demanding compensation, because of course, and I don’t care.  The arrangement is kind of…not good, and I know what he was going for:

But this was basically the worst.  Anyway, Kurt is all excited, and decides to join over Rachel’s objections.  Rachel, though, is clearly in her own little world, and won’t care in the slightest now that she’s asked Brody to move in with them.  It came completely out of nowhere, after a fight about him being 45 minutes late.  Patently dumb, and incredibly stupid, to boot, considering she didn’t even consult with Kurt first.

This episode was pretty bad.  Most of the music was not good, and the story nonsensical.  It looks like there is a whole lot of plot next week, so let’s hope that pans out.


I Don’t Know How to Love Him” as sung by Tina
Baby Got Back” as sung by Adam’s Apples
Tell Him” as sung by Brit and Marley
No Scrubs” as sung by the guys
Locked Out of Heaven” as sung by the girls
I Only Have Eyes for You” as sung by Ryder

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