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The funny stuff: NBC Thursday(1/10&1/17)

So here’s me, majorly slacking yet again.   But!  Now you get two reviews for the price of one, aren’t you excited??

30 Rock

So, to start with the episode on the tenth…

Liz is going through fertility treatments(with Dr. Spaceman, natch), and is super emotional. Annnnd….that’s about her whole plot: fertility treatments make Liz emotional, and so she decides to forgo them in favor of adoption, and may even get an older kid after realizing she has tons of experience with children in running TGS for seven years.

In the only other plot in this episode, Jack learns he needs to work fast to finish his master “become CEO of NBC” plan: Hank Hooper is going to announce his decision to give the company to Kaylie, his granddaughter.  Jack hires Len to spy on her, and he finds…dun dun dun! Banks in cahoots with her.  Jack finds him in as an instructor in a gym, and they concoct a plan to out Kaylie as not a Hooper.  They get a glass, and convoluted Jenna mess, and bada bing bada boom, paternatiy test, except oops! Banks never switched sides, but Jack knew that was going to happen, so he just distracted Kaylie long enough to not call her grandpa Hank, and so she loses out on running Kabletown, giving the company to Jack due to him sending him a card instead of the DNA sample like Banks thought.  And if you thought that was a confusing read, imagine watching it.

The long and the short of it is Jack is CEO of Kabletown, and Kaylie’s going to have to marry a finance guy and do fundraisers and things, eww(in her words).

Oh, I lied about that being the only other plot: Tracy’s movie started shooting, and Octavia Spencer is Tracy a la season one.  The whole point of this little plot was to make Liz see she would be fine adopting an older kid, so it almost doesn’t even merit a mention.

This was an OK episode, and a nice beginning of the end for Jack and Liz’s respective stories

A couple of funny lines for you:

Bev the adoption agent, regarding adopting an older kid: I can get you a 6 year-old yesterday!”
Liz, in disgust of herself when helping Jack try to ruin Kalie: “I do anything for approval…I would have been a Nazi!”

But that’s not all for

30 Rock

On the seventeenth, we learned more about Jack’s mom…

Liz and Jack head to Florida to settle his mother’s estate, and find a housekeeper who describes Jack’s mother as ‘Mrs. Smiley,’ and a very happy person.  Jack is immediately suspicious, as he thinks the housekeeper just wants to scam on the money, but Liz is seeing it a bit differently.  She goes into his mother’s room, and it looks like the housekeeper so much a housekeeper as a lover.  Jack is terribly confused considering his mother’s rampant homophobia, but it seems to be true, what with the photographic evidence, not to mention the incredibly dusty second bedroom.  Jack eventually comes to terms with his mother living a completely different life than he expected, and they head back to New York, where…

Tracy and Jenna decided they were in charge since Liz and Jack had been gone, and they made a complete mess of everything.

They placed orders for giant carts full of oranges, they store office supplies in the elevator, and they get everyone to sign an affidavit that no sexual harassment had ever happened on premises.  And why do they need that?  Because Hazel has decided to file suit since she’s a vindictive little hoo-ha.  Tracy and Jenna convince Kenneth to sign the form over his rather strenuous objections, but then they feel bad, and have him take it back just in time for Jack and Tina to come back.

Too bad their presence couldn’t even fix this mess, as Hazel’s general craziness makes Hank Hooper decide that TGS needs to be cancelled like, yesterday, so their next show is their last show.  Oops.

I even got a couple funny lines from this episode, too!

Liz, when Jack mocks her for her lack of spontaneity: “I’m spontaneous, for example, I started talking before I had an example of me being spontaneous”
Jack, while looking thorugh his mother’s things: “The baby shoes she found after the fire…she loved looting”
The Lawyer, when Tracy and Jenna ask a legal question: “And I didn’t super duper finish law school, soo…”

Park and Rec next time, when I hopefully learn how to control my rampant procrastination!

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