Friday, November 16, 2012

The Funny Stuff: ABC Wednesday(11/14)

Wednesday was Thanksgiving for ABC, so we got a couple Thanksgiving episodes to tide us over until the deluge, starting with…

The Middle

This episode was kind of annoying.  It seemed like there was a lot going on, but not much happened at all.   At least, not much of consequence.

Frankie decided to sign up to have Marines come over for Thanksgiving dinner, not remembering she lives in a nuthouse.  She goes crazy trying to get everything perfect, but the world is standing in her way.  First, the Bickersons, ie, her parents, come for the meal, and fight the whole time.  Axl is mopey because he has a crush on his new tutor, but she has a college age girlfriend.  Sue is manic because the rival high school stole her chicken head, and Brick is his normal weird self, this time by being engrossed in a behind the scenes of Love Story book, even though he has no desire to see the actual movie.

Axl’’s story was the most trope-worthy, in that his tutor broke up with her boyfriend to possibly be with Axl, because reasons. 

Sue actually went a completely different direction, and first confronted the rival high school guys, but they beat up her gay best friend.  When that was a complete failure, she just wore a bear head, and still did fine in her mascot duties.  I was definitely expecting a meltdown, or unmasking of Sue as the mascot, but the writers when a different direction, which was nice.

The episode ended with the Marines leaving as fast as they could, trying to get away from the craziness that is the Hecks.  Completely unsurprising, but true to the characters, so nice enough, I suppose.

I did get one funny line:

Frankie’s Mom, about Frankie’s Dad, and his movie watching technique: “How would you know, you slept through it like every movie we’ve ever seen, and then you woke up and complained it didn’t make sense!”

This was such a good episode, and, despite being a Thanksgiving episode, had character development and nice moments for the Altmans, and a genuinely sad moment for Lisa!

Dallas was her normal crazy self through her scenes, first firing her chef because she wants to make sure George isn’t put off for Thanksgiving, and then refusing to help in the kitchen, even though it was only George cooking.

And why wasn’t Tessa there?  Because her Grandmother invited her to New York for the day, mostly because Tessa’s mother was going to be there, and Tessa wanted to surprise her.  Unfortunately for Tessa, her mother’s plane was delayed, and she decided to go straight to Chatswin to surprise her there.

In the end, Tessa made it back to Chatswin before her mother left, and they had some really cute bonding moments.  It was fun to see how they played out her character, and done so nicely.

Lisa, on the other hand, was not impressed.  Malik was hanging out at her house, helping get the Thanksgiving meal ready, and was fitting in incredibly well with her family.  Sheila and Fred were joking around with him, and Lisa did not like it one bit, mostly because boyfriends are supposed to be hated by the family, or something?  Anyway, he gets invited over for their meal, and Lisa stomps off.

When he gets there on Thanksgiving, he’s all sweaty from his family football game, so Sheila invites him to shower upstairs, where she promptly walks in on him naked.  This is the last straw for Lisa, and she and Malik get in a huge fight over his comfortableness with her family.  He thinks she should grow up, she think he’s a giant doo-doo head, and she breaks up with him.  I literally was like, “WHAT!”  Those two are so cute, I hope they get back together quickly, because Lisa needs a normal person in her life.

I did get one funny line:

Sheila, after walking in on Malik showering: “I suppose it isn’t Thanksgiving at the Shays until someone shows off their naked body.”

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