Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Parenthood: Because You’re My Sister(S4E15)

Oh my goodness, all the feels.  All the feels!

Just about every storyline was wrapped up this week, and it’s a good thing too, considering this was the season finale, and possibly the series finale, depending on the vindictiveness of NBC.

Let’s jump right in.

Adam and Kristina are super excited about her final chemo treatment, and optimistically visit her oncologist for a checkup.  Turns out, there is some blood liver abnormalities, and he wants her to get a PET scan to make sure nothing is wrong, though he thinks it is just from one of her meds.  Kristina doesn’t take it well, and quietly begins to freak out. 

Later, at the chemo treatment, they run into Gypsy, who has relapsed.  Adam is still optimistic, but Kristina is a real downer through most of the treatment.  After, they are toasting to themselves and Kristina’s final treatment, when Adam pulls out a gift: a vacation to Hawaii.  Kristina is still scared she is going to relapse, and leaves the room crying, telling Adam to cancel the trip as she passed through the door.

Kristina does apologize at the luncheonette, and they get their groove on, until Crosby butts in, interrupting their macking session.  Kristina goes into her PET scan in much higher sprits, and finally heads to her doctor to hear the final word:  she’s cancer free!  Yay!  That means we won’t have this story line if Parenthood comes back!  I mean, they did it well, but it got really old after a while.  I’m glad it’s reached its (not unexpected) conclusion, nicely capping off with their trip to Hawaii.

Amber and Ryan had their arc wrapped up as well, and it started with Ryan showing up at Amber’s loft with a hugemongus bouquet of flowers.  He tells her everything he’s accomplished, including getting his job back, and starting therapy.  He tells her that he loves her, that she’s all he can think about.  Amber just bawls the whole time, and Ryan leaves without her saying very much at all.

After Amber has had some time to think, she goes over to Ryan’s house.  She tells him about her car accident a few years ago, and how she needs to know he can be responsible with her love.  They hug, and kiss, and it is basically super cute.  They’re back together, and it’s great.  They are actually a cute couple, and it seems like a grown up, mature relationship, one that would last in the real world.

Sarah and Hank have a bit of a downer wrap up.  Hank is headed to Minnesota to bang some heads together to help Ruby get enrolled in school or something?  I’m not sure, it was explained rather vaguely in the episode.  Anyway, he tells her they need to talk when he gets back.  Sarah puts on her thinking hat, and is totally ready for anything, except…

Mark, showing up at her house to tell her that he still loves her, and will do anything to get her back.  He then exits stage right, leaving Sarah slack-jawed in the process.  The next day, she does go and talk to him, though, right in his class, presumably so he can’t make a scene.  Sarah tells Mark she does love him, but that she is going to try to make it work with Hank.  Mark looks rather devastated as he sits back at his desk and Sarah pulls an exit stage left on him.

Soon after, Hank comes back, and has a bombshell for Sarah:  he is going to move to Minnesota, he needs to be closer to Ruby, and he can’t miss her growing up.  From his build up, though, Sarah thought he was going a different direction, and ends the scene with “That’s not what I thought you were going to say.”

The next we see them, Hank is in a cab at Sarah’s house, and he tells her he loves her, and that she should go with him.  Sarah doesn’t agree to go, but she doesn’t say no either.  I am so glad that she didn’t get back together with big dumb Mark, and now I kind of hope she actually does come to Minnesota, just because I feel like that is something Sarah needs in her life, to be away from her family, to learn how to stand on her own two feet again, since it seems like she has forgotten.

Crosby and Jasmine are all excited, it’s their anniversary, and Crosby has some fancy dinner reservations.  Jasmine is a bit apprehensive since Crosby pissed off her mom, and has yet to apologize, but Crosby is fully convinced they can get her to babysit.  Except oops:  Grandma is moving out, and going to live at her son’s house, thankyouverymuch.

Her son, Jasmine’s brother, is not impressed Grandma is going to share his 700 square foot apartment, but Crosby has no cares to give, and helps her pack up.  Later, when Crosby and Jasmine are at the fancy restaurant, Jasmine is all pissy, telling Crosby he really needs to apologize to her mother.  She doesn’t like that Grandma doesn’t feel welcome in her house, and besides, they are going to need help with the new baby!!!

Ok, not that that wasn’t telegraphed from a million miles away, but AWW.  They visit Grandma and break the news, and it is the second cutest moment in the episode.  But what it number one, you may ask?

Joel and Julia are getting Viktor and Sydney ready for the adoption ceremony, and Sydney is a royal pain, saying she’s not going to the ceremony, therefore she doesn’t need a new dress, and she doesn’t need to get ready for it.  Julia sends her to her room, but she was headed there already, so it’s no skin off Sydney’s nose.

Viktor later decides that football in the house would be an appropriate activity, and manages to break a very expensive vase or something.  He worriedly asks Julia if she’s going to change her mind on the adoption, but Julia quickly reassures him that there was no way that was going to happen.  Viktor then talks with Sydney, and asks her to come to his ceremony, since he wants her there, and she agrees, and Aww.  But not the big one. 

Finally FINALLY we reach the big day, and the entire Braverman clan is standing outside the courthouse, making small chat, just waiting their turn.  They finally get called in, and the judge goes through all the legalese, lastly asking if anyone has any objections.  First Zeke, then everyone else in the family speaks up, not to object to the adoption, but to officially welcome Viktor into the Braverman clan, and I’m pretty sure there was an onion cutting in the next room, because I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

This was a great episode, especially if it does end up being the series finale.  Every family unit got some sort of resolution, besides Sarah, but the Hank thing seemed fine unresolved as it was.  Everyone seemed happy, and it is nice, for a change, to have a large group of people that genuinely love each other. 

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