Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Biggest Loser: Premier and Episode 2

Well, there’s nothing feeling like a fat slob while you watch TV, so my husband and I like to enjoy Biggest Loser together. 

The introductory episode of a reality show is always a mass of people that you won’t remember the next day, and this was no exception.

We first meet the three ‘ambassadors’, the kids that will be involved throughout the season, named Lindsey, Sunny and Biingo.  Dolvett and Bob are introduced, and then Jillian makes her entrance through the audience.

We meet Michael Dorsey,  who has a son, and, according to my notes, is very selfish, though I can’t for the life of me remember why I wrote that.  Lisa Rambo is a special ed assistant in Wisconsin, and Jackson Montgomery is very gay, and he didn’t even have to say it for the world to know.  We then met a whole rash of people with no story, ending with TC Pool who reeeeally REEEEAAALLY wanted to be on Biggest Loser, and amazingly enough, he was chosen!

The group waves to the audience, and the next we see them, they are walking up to the ranch to find the teams already predetermined.  5 are on Dolvett’s red team, 5 are on Bob’s blue team, and 5 are on Jillian’s white team.

The kids are there as well, for their week and the ranch before going back home.  Bob and Jillian work out the group, with Jillian causing more than one upchuck, while Dolvett plays baseball with the kids.  Jillian gets uber-pissed at her lazy lazy team, and kicks the TC and Nate along with Nikki, out for lack of enthusiasm.  The remaining group continued to evacuate their insides, and Jillian yelled some more, again. 

The challenge, for a 5 pound advantage, was to spell ‘The Biggest Loser’ via tiles hidden in ball pit, marked with poles read from above by the kids who were in slings pulling themselves around by ropes.  The white team managed to pull it off, and won the advantage over the struggling other teams.

At the last chance workout, Nikki from the white team had a full on breakdown, and Jillian was NOT pleased.  Nikki decided that she wasn’t ready for this, quit the show, and earned the ire of 90% of the viewing population, I’m sure.

We finally get to the weigh-in, where Allison Sweeney dropped a bombshell: there was going to be an elimination, and there was a red line, instead of a yellow one, meaning the lowest percentage on the losing team is automatically out.

The white team weighed in first, and ended up losing 69 pounds total, or 5.61%, which includes their 5 pound advantage.  Red weighed in next, and needed to lose more than 80 pounds to beat white, and pulled out a huge 95 pounds, and walloped the white team.

Blue weighed in last, and needed to lose 91 pounds.  In a close call, they lost 97 pounds, also beating white, and causing the white team to lose a second member in two days.  Danni, then Nate were shown to be 1 and 2, as a tense Pam and TC watched and waited.  Aaannnd…an emotional TC is sent home, his sobs echoing through the ranch.

The next day, the remaining three on the white team commiserate about their terrible luck, and lack of teammates before getting right back into workouts with Jillian.  Today, all the trainers made their own workout area, and Bob decided to motivate his team by bringing in a bunch of skinny people.

Jillian’s team is still super whiney, and super self-defeatist.  Jillian yells again, some more, and her team basically crumbles.  They have a pow-wow in the living area, and Pam wants Jillian to stop yelling at her, and Danni wants affirmations that she isn’t a terrible person.  Jillian rolls her eyes, but seemingly acquiesces.

At the challenge, it is some sort of football related thing, with quarters, and timed events and money going to one of the kids’ schools.  After a strong start from Danni on the white team, they are up by four seconds after the second quarter.  Nate almost squanders the lead, but when blue wins one event, and massively loses the final event, white takes their second challenge in a row, giving the grant money to Sunny’s school.

In the last chance workout, Jillian decides to team up with Bob to show her team she’s not the devil incarnate they think she is.  Bob obliges, and the white team hates both of them equally.

And with that, it’s weigh-in time again.  Blue goes first, and the first four have a good go of it, losing 36 pounds between them, and then, Jeff weighs in, and loses a big fat goose egg.  Blue team ends up at 2.35%, and are very worried about their prospects for Jeff.

Red goes next, and they need to lose 32 pounds to beat blue.  Through the first four, they are at 27 pounds, and Lisa needs to lose 5 pounds…and she does!  Red is above blue, and it’s up to white beat blue and keep themselves safe.

White needs to lose 19 pounds to be safe, and Danni and Pam take a decent chunk out of that by losing 13 pounds, leaving Nate needing 6 to be safe.  He gets on the scale, and has managed to lose…5 pounds.  And white loses another member in Nate, who knew he’d be going home if he didn’t hit the weight he needed.   Jillian has a full on meltdown, saying Nate was the reason she enjoyed coming in, which I’m sure made Pam and Danni feel just fantastic.

Next week: more yelling, and more white team implosion, I’m sure.

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