Friday, January 11, 2013

Bunheads: You wanna see something? (S1E11)

And Bunheads is back!

We’re reminded that Michelle maced the entire company at the Nutcracker performance, and left town, before we get right into learning how the girls have been over the summer.

Boo has been taking care of a myriad of children for some reason, and her mother is pregnant and on bedrest, earning Boo even more time with sticky children.  Oh, and apparently, ketchup is an appropriate sauce on English muffin pizzas, for those of you with Iron stomachs. 

Melanie has been watching her grandfather, and taking up three tables at the Oyster Bar all summer.  Since she has no other distinguishing characteristics, we don’t find out too much more from her through most of the show, beyond a mysterious package the girls have been passing around.

Ginny has also been uber busy, what with her mother in complete breakdown mode, and has essentially taken over the real estate business, though she is doing probably the worst job ever.  She and Melanie do finally exposit that the ballet school has been closed all summer, and they really don’t have anything else to do, so there is that.

And, because I know everyone was terribly concerned about what the mysterious package could be, while the girls are at Boo’s, watching the viral video of Boo getting interviewed after the making, Sasha pops out of the broom closet!  It was Sasha all along!  The girls talk about how Sasha doesn’t want to go home to her crazy parent thing, and laugh more at the video while Boo cringes in the corner.

Meanwhile, Fanny is reminiscing about Michelle, and watching videos of performances with her and the girls, and the video of Hubble and Michelle’s Vegas wedding.  All the while, Truly is spazzing all over Fanny’s redecorating, going as far as making a three quarter sized mockup of a decorating scheme, fully wired and everything.  Fanny decided she needed a change, and so her whole house is a disaster, and the studio has become storage for everything and a surprisingly scary canoe.

Fanny finally realizes she wants Michelle to come back and so heads to…

Henderson, Nevada, where Michelle has been working as a magician’s assistant, one with a bad attitude at that.  She’s living with Talia and Talia’s uncomfortably old boyfriend, and Michelle is not really in a good place.  That is, until Fanny shows up and practically drags her, kicking and screaming back to Paradise.

We see Sasha again, and she had run into Roman, the boy she met at the hospital.  She brings him back to Michelle’s old guest house, and they both awkward all over the place until who should show up, but Michelle, of course!  Sasha runs to her arms for a huge hug, and Michelle motions for Roman to get the hell out of Dodge.
All in all, this was a cute episode.  It was capped with dance routines at both ends, and both were fun.  The characters had believable arcs, and it set up a bunch of possible threads for the second half of the season to latch onto.  I’m hopeful this will be a fun run!

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