Thursday, August 23, 2012

AGT: 8/22 Wildcard Results

Oy, what a terrible way to end the quarterfinals. Howard and Sharon made me want to punch them in the face, but we’ll get to that in the judges choice elimination.

First up, though, we Ben Blaque, Sebastien, and The Bandbaz Brothers.  None of these acts were any good at all, so I almost expected no one to go through, but apparently stupid Sebastien has wiggled his slick little nose into peoples’ voting minds, and he was through.  Blech for act one through.

Next, we had Todd Oliver, Cristin Sandu, and Spencer Horsman.  I knew I was in trouble for the night when this grouping came out, as two of my picks to go through were together.  I was really curious as to who America chose, and they went with Todd Oliver, the ventriloquist.  I’m not terribly sad about this one, besides the fact that Spencer didn’t make it through, as he should have.

Third, we had Horse, Jake Wesley Rodgers,  and Andrew DeLeon. This was fairly predictable, as Horse is dumb, and Jake sang poorly again.  Since Andrew had the producers and the judges pulling for him, and giving him this huge sob story, people put another subpar talent through.

Lastly, we had Lindsey Norton, Jarrett and Raja, and All That.  Surprisingly, Jarrett and Raja were the  first cut.  I honestly thought they would be in one of the safe spots, but apparently, America didn’t forgive them for their lackluster performance in their first goround.  It then came down to judges preference.  Howard chose the clogging cheaters who cheat, but Howie when for Lindsey.  I am going to pretend that my tweet to him during the commercial break influenced his decision.  It was then down to Sharon who had brought back both of the groups.  Unfortunately for Lindsey, it was a forgone conclusion with Sharon, as her unfounded love for the cheating cheaters who cheat was well documented.  All That is through to the Semis.  Here’s hoping they get squashed like bugs in two weeks.

Well, this night completely killed my shoulds, but by wills was decent at half.  Next week are the semis, so we’ll see several acts we haven’t seen for nearly six weeks.  Should be interesting!  

My shoulds are at 15/24, while my wills are at 17/24.  63% for the shoulds and 71% on the wills, so I passed the quarterfinals by the skin of my teeth.  I’ll start fresh next week for the semis.

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