Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AGT: 8/29 Semi Final Results

Oh, my goodness.  I am seething right now, and it’s not even because I failed miserably at both the shoulds and the wills.  I’ll get to the reason why in just a bit.

First off, we have a bit of a procedure change for these semi-final rounds:  the top four acts will be spotlighted, but only three will actually go on.  The top two vote getters, and then a judges pick.

Let’s get right down to it.

First off, we had Turf, Joe Castillo, and The Scott Brothers. It was fairly obvious who was going through in this group.  Turf and the Scott Brothers did not do what they needed to, and Joe Castillo and his stupid knowing grin can suck it.

Kitter says: Don't be a douche!

Ok then.

Next, we had Andrew DeLeon, William Close, and Academy of Villains. Again, the choice was obvious, if William Close didn’t make it through, there would have been riots on the streets, booing in the audience, and a shoe or four through my TV.  But luckily, we didn’t have to resort to that, and William Close is in the top four.

Next, we had a grouping that was actually tricky to decide.  Donovan and Rebecca, Todd Oliver, and Edon were next.  Edon had the sad face of ‘I know I already lost, please don’t drag this out any further,’ but the other two were much more anxious.  I was pulling for Todd Oliver, and he pulled through!  I was so glad he was in the top four, but I really worried about his chances with the other groups.

Lastly, we had Dittelman, Bria Kelly, and Tom Cotter.  Again, this was a two way race, and Bria Kelly in her ugly dress knew it.  I was pulling for Dittelman, just because I enjoy the illusions more than the rapid fire double meanings.  But Tom Cotter beat my man out, and we have our top four.

All four acts then made their way to the stage, and Nick did his usual drama wait, in order to tell us that William Close was in the top two.  They didn’t mention if he was in first or not, but I’m assuming he was.  We then went on to the remaining guys, and *dramatic pause* Tom Cotter was also in the final!  That left Todd Oliver and Joe Castillo. 

Nick asked the guys why they should move on:

Todd: “People seem to like us, and we have nowhere to go but up!”

Joe: “I’m a major douche face, and everyone should bask in the glow of my amazing uniqueness that totally wasn’t stolen from a woman in Ukraine or anything!  Also: why would you see a [funny]ventriloquist over someone that plays in dirt creates beautiful[lly pretentious] pieces of art, amirite?”

Yes, my enjoyment of his act HAS been diminished by his entitled, pretentious douchyness, why do you ask?

The judges vote, and Howard sets the voice of reason:  “Todd’s act can grow, and go places we haven’t seen, Joe’s act has probably hit a plateau.”

I was then in for the biggest shock of my life, as Sharon didn’t vote for the animal act!  WHAAT???

It was down to Howie, and both judges tried to influence him, and somehow, Sharon won out, and Howie put through doucheface, probably to spite me.

Anyway, my should and wills are both sitting at 1/3, so go me!

Next week, a much weaker field, and three singers.  I’m hoping for the shut out again, so we can have a singer free finale. 

Who’s with me?!

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