Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Warcraft Races: The Horde and you

So you want to play on the Horde.  Gotta say, not the choice I would have made, but to each their own, I spose!

If anyone knows who made this, let me know!

You could play an orc, the current de facto leader of the Horde, with Garrosh Hellscream newly in charge.  Orcs can enrage while in battle, increasing their damage, while also being slightly resistant to stuns.  If you have a pet, that pet causes more damage to enemy mobs, and orcs are also nimble with axes and fist weapons.  Orcs come in several shades of greens and yellows, and seem to be the workhorse of the Horde. Orcs cannot be paladins, warlocks, or druids.

Want to look a bit more…standard?  Try a blood elf!  While they do have glowing green eyes, they are by far the ‘prettiest’ of the Horde races.  Led by Lor’themar Theron in Silvermoon City, the blood elves are skilled in enchanting, and can instantly restore a small amount of their energy source, all while silencing nearby enemies.  They can also absorb some arcane type damage.  But, like I said, these are the pretty boys of the horde, and, from what I understand, can be slightly looked down upon by fellow players.  Blood elves cannot be shaman or druids.  

Pretty not doing it for you?  You could be falling apart at the seams as an undead!  Lead by Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the undead reside in the former human kindgdom of Lorderon.  As an undead, you can remove fear, sleep, and charm effects, breath underwater, and can absorb some shadow type damage.  In the slightly more squicky territory, you can consume corpses of the enemy mobs you have killed to regain health and mana.  Undead are a very ugly race to look at, all bone and stapled on jaws.  If you like a bit more ick in your gameplay, play an undead! Undead cannot be paladins, shaman, or druids.

Disintegrating body parts not for you?  Try a tauren, the bipedal cows of Warcraft.  Yes, I mean that literally.  Currently led by Baine Bloodhoof, the nomadic tauren set up camp on Thunder bluff, aka suicide city for butter-fingered players.  Tauren innately have more health, and can absorb a some nature damage.  Even with their monstrous hands, they are adept at picking flowers, and lastly, can stun enemies by stomping on the ground.  Were I to play Horde, I would play a tauren. Tauren cannot be rouges, mages, or warlocks.

Like stereotypes?  Try a troll, and get tired of the Jamaican accent in no time flat!  Trolls are led by Vol’jin, and based out of the orc city of Ogrimmar.  Trolls have the ability to berserk, increasing attack speed, and they self-heal quickly.  They can do extra damages to animals, and their long limbs give them an advantage with thrown weapons and bows.  Trolls cannot be paladins.

Last, but definitely not least, especially according to them, are the goblins.  These quintessential little green men(and women) are led by the Trade Prince Gallywix, and have settled in Azshara.  Goblins are very similar to gnomes, though they are a bit more…capitalistic, shall we say.  They have made many alliances, which allow them to purchase some items at a lower price, and they can summon a personal bank.  They are adept with mechanical workings, and can rocket themselves forward, as well as launch rockets at enemies.  They are also skilled in the alchemical arts.  Goblins cannot be paladins or druids.

Like I said in the tauren section, I like that race the best on Horde side, and usually play them.  They just seem less…icky…for lack of a better term.

Next week:  Class?  You want class?  Well, have I got a class for you!

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