Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bunheads(S1E9)-No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons!

Before we get into the recap proper, a quick video recap of the two missed episodes:

And now, the recap proper:

So we open on Michelle waiting in a line, which we soon discover is for coffee.  The barista had apparently been off winning contests instead of, you know, running a business, and thus that is the reason Michelle had yet to hear of him. 

Anyway, we get to the counter, and it’s KURT!  Looking fairly ridiculous in a goatee/soulpatch hybrid that makes it look like a caterpillar is trying to swallow his chin whole.  He’s a terribly pretentious barista, taking upwards of ten minutes to make one cup of coffee…even J. Arthur’s does better than that.

Now Michelle has her coffee place, and we can move on, because that seriously took like, five minutes of show time, and I am over the coffee guy already.

Sasha is still in her little rebellious thing, and has joined the cheer squad with their ugly orange uniforms and mediocrity to achieve uniformity.  Oh, the analogies I could pull if this were a political post…

Due to Sasha’s abrupt temper tantrum/storm off, Fanny has to find new leads for all her shows, and is running every single dancer ragged…for one lesson, and then Fanny disappears from the episode.

Boo is practicing with Carl on their Ginger Rogers/Fred Astair dance, until they find out that the supermarket opening it was for has been cancelled due to overzealous zoning technicalities.  Michelle can’t have this, and goes around tricking the entire town into coming to a town meeting(yes, they went there) in order to overturn the zoning decision.

Of course, Michelle, being Michelle, insults just about everyone in the room, and the supermarket stays closed down.  This is immediately followed by awkward sexual tension between Michelle and Oyster Bar Godot, which Michelle shoots down right away.  It was terribly creepy and gross, but they appear to be continuing it in the next episode, and I have to say, Godot is no Luke, that is for sure.

And then:  Boo and Carl kiss.  Carl, her too-sort dance partner that the other two have been teasing for the last two episodes.  Carl, that Boo likes, and then completely dissed when the other two came into the room and starting talking about Charlie, Boo’s former crush, and Ginny’s current crush.  Carl stalks out of the room when Boo goes on about how Ginny can’t date the guy she likes.  Present.  It was about as subtle as it sounds.

So, to end the episode, Michelle talks to Sasha, and tells her not to make a huge mistake, ie, quitting dance.  They then make fun of cheerleading again, some more. “Did they learn to jump in an incredibly short room?”

Finally, Michelle gets a coffee maker, as a gift sitting on her porch.  Why she couldn’t have gotten one herself earlier, and saved the trouble of the weird Sean Gunn character, we’ll never know.  But I think the show if finally getting around to what we expected from the first episode, which is really about five or six episodes too long.

Anyway, it was a fun episode, even if the story was very strange.  Next week, we have the summer finale, so hopefully we get some movement on the story front there.

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