Thursday, September 6, 2012

AGT: Semifinals 2 Results

And we’re back with the results!

We jumped right into the same format as last week, with only three going through, with the third being judges choice.  That means we’re finding out top four again, and then cutting from there.

First out, we had Shanice and Maurice, All That,  and Lightwire Theater.  So, this was a pretty obvious choice.  Sharon tried to make it seem like there might be a contest, but then she completely forgot Maurice’s name, so there was no way.  Lightwire Theater was the obvious, and correct choice to move on to the top four.

We then had David Garibaldi, Jacob Williams, and Sebastian.  Another group of three, another obvious choice.  Howie came right out and said poor Jacob blew it, and he was so sad standing there, it was really uncomfortable.  Sebastian had this hopeful look on his face, but there was no way.  He didn’t even make it out of his first quarterfinal, how exactly does he think he’s going to go on to the finals?  Of course, David Garibaldi moves on, and so do we.

The third group consisted of Clint Carvalho, Olate Dogs, and All Wheel Sports.  Again, this was completely without surprise, as Olate Dogs sailed through to the top four.

Finally, we had Tim Hockenberry, The Untouchables,  and the Magic of Puck. This was the first suspenseful group of the night, but America gave me surprise:  the singers are ALL gone!  After five of six seasons being won by a singer, there will be no singing in the final, woohoo!  (Terry Fator, the ventriloquist who won season two, is the only non-singer to have done so.)  Anyway, The Untouchables are through, and crying girl that made it possible now has some attitude.

Ok, so we have our top four, so now it was wittled down to the two moving on, and the two voted on by the judges.  The Untouchables were the first group called through, in a complete surprise to me.  I thought for sure they would be one of the bottom two, but tears must be even more powerful than I originally thought.
Next on to the finals were Olate Dogs, in a completely unsurprising result.  If anyone was surprised at that, they really havn’t been paying attention.

So it came down to Lightwire Theater  and David Garibaldi.  They made their pleas to the judges, and Joe Castillo should take note:  that is how you beg for votes without being a total tool.  “We did our best, and will bring the wow factor to the final” paraphrased a classy David Garibaldi.  The guys agreed with me, and sent him through, and Lightwire Theater was sad and dejected, though I was really distracted by the blond Mike Myers.  That was strange.

Anyway, I did much better on my guesses this week, I was 2/3 on both counts, and so I ended up at 50% for the semis.

Next week is the finals, and I think I’m going to rank them, so we’ll see how I do on that.

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