Saturday, September 29, 2012

Glee: Makeover(S4E3)

This week, we jump right into a Blaine monologue, where he pines for Kurt, and tries to find his place at McKinley without him.  Blaine tries out a bunch of different clubs, and it is rather amusing, though it really does accentuate how old Darren Criss is.  I know Hollywood doesn’t like to cast actual teenagers in teenage roles, but he was a 23 year old with a 30+ year old face playing a 15 year old when he started in season 2, and now is a ridiculously old looking 26 year old playing an 18 year old…it really takes it person out of the scene, I’m saying.

Anyway, his arc for this episode is that finding himself without Kurt around, and so decides to run for student council president against our special Brit-Brit.  She has chosen Artie as her running mate, and encourages Blaine to choose Sam as his running mate.  He does, so we have a full glee club ticket for the student council president position.  Both Blaine and Artie decide they need to fix their running mates a bit, and they do a musical montage to makeover Brit and Sam.  Brittany looks terribly sharp in her new ‘do and dress, and Sam is a handsome little trouty mouth, for sure.  The four decide to have a debate, and Artie and Sam go first.  Artie give a long winded introduction, and as a rebuttal, Sam reminds everyone he was a stripper for like, a day, and started a striptease.  We then cut to Blaine and Brittany, and Blaine has a good opener, while Brittany calls for year-round school, including Saturdays and Sundays.

So, it’s no surprise the winner is Blaine, but we get a cute little thing with Sam and Brit telegraphing a romance in future episodes.

Also at McKinley, Mr. Shue is in a rut.  He is bored, and has no ideas for the glee club, beyond rehashing old ideas from previous years.  He has a meeting with the regional planning committee, which include an old bird named Birdie, the deaf school glee club director, and KURT(!) from Gilmore Girls, sans stupid goatee he was sporting in Bunheads.  It’s here that he has the brilliant idea to apply for the ‘Blue Ribbon Panel,’ which is some sort of national committee, maybe?  I’m not really sure, they glossed over it pretty quickly.  Anyway, the only obstacle in his way is Emma, but she is nothing but supportive, and Mr. Shue send in his application.

But of course, we can’t forget New York, because the one thing we really want out of a show named Glee is a solo performer and friend act based in New York City.  Kurt has decided he needs a job, amazingly enough, and applies for one at  He interviews with none other than Sarah Jessica Parker playing SJP(not really), and he hardcore brownnoses, and manages to get hired on the spot, because that’s obviously how interviews work. 

Anyway, Kurt and SJP hit it off right away, and she continuously overshares her entire life with Kurt, including her suffocating lack of confidence, and asks Kurt to be more involved than just getting coffee.  Of course.  Meanwhile, Rachel gets rightfully mocked for her terrible wardrobe, and Kurt suggests a makeover.  They go into the Vogue vault, and just as they are about to start, SJP comes in all angry-like.  They tell her what they are doing, and per SJP, they ‘had her at makeover.’  They do a musical montage makeover(anyone sensing a theme?) and make a music video of it as well.

Kurt suggests SJP use the music video as a thing on the website, and she loves it.  They even send it to ‘Anna,’ who loves it as well.  I think I’m supposed to be impressed, but I have no clue who that is, so no dice.  Rachel meets her little boytoy Brody, and they have ANOTHER musical montage of them having a fun time around town, and Rachel invites him over for her to cook dinner.

Rachel fails at the cooking, and so they have to order pizza.  They sit on the floor, eat pizza and drink what I hope is sparkling wine, SHOW!  Anyway, they flirt, and are terribly twee, and then they kiss as there is a knock on the door.  And it’s none other than our favorite FINN!  Dun dun DUUUN!

So this was a decent episode.  The NYC parts didn’t overwhelm the stuff at McKinley as it has been, and the character arcs were (mostly) believable.  I like that they are finally setting up a change to the status quo for the next bit of the season, even if it really should have happened in the first or second episode.  We really didn’t need a full episode of Brittany having a breakdown and pretending she would still be president before tonight.

To end, I give this show a C+ for effort.


Everybody Wants to Rule the World” as sung by Blaine
Celebrity Skin” as sung by Brittany and Sam
The Way You Look Tonight”/“You’re Never Fully Dressed” as sung by Rachel, Kurt and SJP
A Change Would Do You Good” as sung by Rachel and Brody

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