Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The funny stuff: Monday, Sept 24th

Tonight, we saw the premier of the Monday night CBS comedies.  How did they fare?
How I Met Your Mother: Well, we got right back into the Robin/Barney wedding, but before we could get anywhere, We are ripped back to Ted and Victoria riding off into the sunset.  Ted learns Victoria didn’t leave a note for Rufus, or Rupert or whatever her fiancĂ© was named, so he insists she goes back to leave one.  After a bit of back and forth Ted says he will get it up to the room.  There are shenanigans, an over-the-phone seduction by Barney, and finally, we learn that Victoria’s fiancĂ© was planning on leaving anyway.  Ted brings Victoria’s note with him, and then manages to run into the ex, where they have a talk about finding ‘the one.’ A little while down the road, though, the infamous yellow umbrella shows up at the same train station, the day of Robin and Barney’s wedding

In other news, The baby is super adorable, and Marshall and Lily are zombies.  Oh, and Barney and Quinn are still dating, though possibly not for long after Lily spills the ‘Robin and Barney used to date’ beans. 
In the most hilarious moment of the episode, Barney gives all the sordid details, from Ted meeting Robin to current day, in 52 seconds. (Click here to watch it)

I love HIMYM, but the mother should have been introduced two or three seasons ago.  Stretching it out any further under the pretense that the show would necessarily have to end once the mother is introduced is bogus.  I don’t know about the res of the viewing public, but I would still watch the show after she was, just to see what all the hype was about.  I mean honestly, we get all this stuff about how the mother is this great person blah blah blah, and at the rate this show is going, we’ll know her for all of five minutes, which is kind of lame.

This was a decent episode, but the show is long in the tooth, and the monotony of the stories are starting to get to me.

2 Broke Girls:  OMG, this show. 

So, Caroline’s former life is going up on auction, assumedly for restitution.  She and Max go and visit Caroline’s dad, and he insists they get the ‘Loving Cup’ no matter what.

Now, if you have watched as many sitcoms as I have, you expect that there is some kind of secrect panel with money or something in that.  HOWEVER, the show knew that, and had Max, and subsequently Caroline automatically assume that that was the case.  Because of that, obviously, there was nothing in the cup. 

The subversion may have worked, but the writers played way too hard for camp, and came right around the bend to ludicrous.  This show has some genuinely funny moments, but then it takes those moments and stomps them on the head, and steals their wallet, and then spits on their grandparents graves just for good measure.  

Anyway, like I said, the trophy turns out to not have anything in it, of course.  Caroline’s dad wanted her to get it for sentimental reason, to remind her she can jump over any hurdles, even the ones he puts in front of her.

This show is like a train wreck.  I know I shouldn’t watch, but I can’t tear my eyes away.  A big chunk of the humor is terribly racist, Jennifer Coolidge’s(I think that’s her name) character grates every time she opens her mouth to spew out that terrible fake accent, and the dirty jokes are really inappropriate for primetime.


I really enjoy the relationship of the girls.  The dad in jail situation is dealt with in interesting ways by the writers, and I honestly want to see the girl’s cupcake business succeed.

This episode was pretty crap.  But I am going to continue watching, and God help me, I’m pretty sure I’ll be laughing a big chunk of the time.

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