Saturday, September 22, 2012

The funny stuff: And we’re back!

So I have decided to lump all the shows on a single night together, so as to keep these posts from getting too long.  Today, we had three of NBC’s Thursday night comedies return, with 30 Rock returning after the SNL primetime shows end.

Anyway, I’ll just get right to it.

Up All Night: Friendships and Partnerships(S2E1)  I heard that this show had gone through a bit of retooling over the summer, so I’m giving it another shot for recaps.  This episode was cute.  Reagan lost her job, since Ava’s show got cancelled.  Chris decides to step up to the plate and got his job back at his law firm, since they had just started on a bathroom remodel and need to be able to pay the contractors.  Except for, of course, he hates it.  You can’t have a law firm executive on TV without them being evil, amirite?  So he decides to go into business with Reagan’s brother, the aforementioned contractor on the bathroom, in a construction business.

In Reagan and Ava news, they get in a fight because Reagan is still trying to run Ava’s life, except it turns out they’re both just scared.  But it did create a comedy gold moment:

All in all, not a bad start to the season, getting everyone situated in their season arcs and whatnot.

The Office:  This is the final season for our friends at Dunder Mifflin, and the writers are keenly aware of that fact.  It seems they are going to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks, starting with tonight.  Andy has turned asshole, but only toward Nellie, who is still there, for some reason.  She is a much less obnoxious character when humbled, so hopefully that will stay…but the Andy being a jerk thing can go away.  Pam and Jim are going to be in for some strife next episode, when everything hits the fan on Jim accepting a business opportunity located in Philadelphia.  You could see it coming a mile away, and we even got a fun little fake ‘behind the documentary’ scene after their first joint talking head, where we hear some of the documentary crew answering a question as well.  Dwight has gone back to solo crazy schemes, and with New Dwight possibly encroaching on his sales, Dwight goes through a series of misadventures that ends with him hanging from a bike attached to a tightrope.  It was weird.  Kelly and Ryan’s absence was explained, and we learn Oscar is sleeping with Angela’s husband.

Cause if there’s anything we know about Oscar, it’s that he’s a husband-stealing manwhore.


It was a decent start to the season, but I think I would have appreciated a bit more callback to the show’s roots.

Parks and Rec: Squeee!  I love this show.  The chemistry of the main couples are fantastic, the jokes actually hit, and are smart, and character development is a thing on this show, unlike most sitcoms.  So, Leslie and Andy go to Washington to visit Ben and April, since they are both working on the congressional campaign Ben got hired onto last season.  Leslie has a proposal to get money for a river clean-up, and is in a super good mood…until she gets cock-blocked by the obnoxious secretary.  Then, she has a fancy party with Ben, and is completely demoralized by the tall, intelligent, tall, beautiful and tall women at the party.  She has a short breakdown, but then Andy reminds her that she’s a strong woman, and this makes her realize that can totally clean the river up herself!  Which she does! To which I say, ewwwww!

Meanwhile, back in Pawnee, Ron has decided to run the Employee Appreciation Barbeque ‘properly,’ that is, with no foof, only meat.  Naturally, everyone is…not nearly as excited as Ron, and he storms off in a huff.  Chris has to remind him that it was an EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION barbeque, not an employee appreciation BARBEQUE, so Ron makes it up to everyone by bringing in corn, and telling them he appreciates them.  OH!  Ann and Tom broke up, Twinkle Twinkle big star!

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