Friday, May 11, 2012

Linkses...I want all the linkses

It's time for another link!

Today I would like to share:

Television Without Pity!

This is my first and top destination for TV recaps.  As their saying goes, "Spare the snark, spoil the network."

These are not always positive reviews, which is a good thing.  So many sites only give good reviews, in hopes of getting in a TV show's, or network's good graces, that they completely miss the point of reading a review:  to know if it is something you would like.

TWOP, as the cool kids call it, was bought out by NBC Universal a couple of years ago.  Yes, if you are wondering, the quality did go down slightly.  The recappers seem to be expected to pump out a huge volume of reviews, and as I have learned in this last month and a half of blogging, writing that much is HARD, and the quality shows.

BUT:  most of the reviews are solid, and I really enjoy seeing what other people thought of my shows, and being shown things I missed the first time through.

There is also a thriving forum community that doesn't feed the trolls, and several other side blogs and lists that TWOP handles as well, so there is always lots to see.

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