Thursday, July 12, 2012

AGT: 7/11 Quarterfinals #2 Results

We open on the show with a recap of last night.  The biggest focus was on Howard’s dust-up with Howie, obviously.  It really seems the producers had a big talking-to with Howard, as he backpeddled all his statements from last night over the course of the show.

We had a couple of acts and one segment beside the results, and two of the three were pretty meh.  Howie did his disguise schtick, and attempted to fake out the contestents.  It was old yesterday, so it didn’t do too much for me.  Gavin DeGraw sang, in an utterly forgettable performance.  The only really good piece was an acrobatic number by the group Threads, who I think was on last year, maybe?  They said something to that effect, but I honestly don’t remember them at all.  There was lots of flipping, and catching, and jumping Asians through really high hoops, so all in all, a fun act.

Anyway, on to the results.

First up, we had Tim Hockenberry and Turf.  Nick took an exceptionally long time to tell us that…BOTH went through.  So now, we only have two spots left for the rest of the ten acts, so not good odds for a very weak field.

Next we had LCD, The All Ways, Aurora Light Painters, and Big Barry.  No matter what they did, the group of none going through would be in the middle; to have it as the third group out left absolutely zero surprise, so I assumed this was the ‘they all go’ group, and it was!  Bye-bye Big Barry, you will not be missed.

Third, we had Tom Cotter, Lion Dance Me, and Hawley Magic. There was no surprise here as Tom Cotter went through, sending the obviously inferior acts home.

Finally, we had Donovan and Rebecca, Ben Blacque, and Danielle Stallings.  I was really hoping Danielle Stallings would be the auto-go home, but alas, it was not meant to be as Ben Blacque was sent packing.  We then had to dilly dally with the judges, first with Howard taking a million years to finally spit out Donovan and Rebecca.  Sharon tried to take a pass, but Nick wouldn’t let her, so she finally decided to go with Danielle.  The deciding vote came down to Howie, and he blathered on about apples and oranges, when in reality it was more like amazeballs chocolate(D&R) vs. boring broccoli(Danielle).  Anyway, he went with Donovan and Rebecca, so yay!

So, I was only wrong on Ben Blacque and Turf, otherwise I was correct, so my should go through stands at 5/8, and my will go through is rocking at 6/8.

Next week, twelve more acts, hopefully with a bit more talent than this week.

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