Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bunheads: Better Luck Next Year!(S1E4)

So, kind of a lot happened this week.

Michelle, who has now been in Paradise about a month, receives all her crap from Las Vegas, and a bunch of crap that isn’t hers.  This sets the narrative of this episode in motion, of Michelle putting her life back together.

The Joffrey summer program auditions are upon us, and Fanny is going only slightly less crazy as she did when she was planning the memorial service for Hubble.  There are men around fixing up the dance studio, and then…it happens.  A fax comes, and Joffrey has said, without really saying, that due to the condition of the dance floor, the auditions will have to be held in Ojai.

Fanny is distressed, and Michelle does. Not. Get. It.  And we hear about it several times throughout the episode, how she just doesn’t get it, and there is a payoff.

So, Michelle and Fanny go around to several contractors, trying to seduce them into fixing the floor for free, or at least reduced cost, seeing as the actual cost is way out of their price range.  They manage to find a guy in Oxnard, brought in by Fanny, not Michelle, as Michelle assumed would be the case.

After a night of dreaming of failed auditions, Michelle wanders around her place, the guest house, in his skivvies, and manages to get spotted by a gaggle of dancers, so awkward.  She decides she needs a curtain, obviously, and goes about assembling one of the tension rod variety.  She manages to fail miserably…I’m kind of amazed she has managed to make it this far in life, honestly, even the way she carries herself tends to scream disaster at every turn.  But then, Truly shows up, and show an amazing proclivity to doing anything that doesn’t involve being Truly, so she has the perfect curtains made to hang on the perfect rods she brought, along with the perfect shade of blue paint to fix the glaring mistakes Michelle made in the wall with the tension rod.

The girls this week were half missing.  It was the Boo and Sasha show, and the blond one and the boring one were nowhere to be found.

Boo started the arc with a shopping trip to the farmers market with her mother.  They by lots of veggies, and Boo’s mom continually tries to get her to buy non-healthy stuff, and Boo adamantly refuses, though she does remind her MOM that she can buy whatever she wants.  They reminisce about all the food exploits they have had, and it’s clear they love each other, but the food obsession is a bit strange.

So, Boo’s toe shoes break, though as I understand, that is not an unusual thing, however, not a good one right before an audition, I would assume.  Anyway, Sasha seems to feel bad for the way she acted in the last episode, and steals money out of her mother’s purse to get Boo new toe shoes, though she plays it off as her dad buying the wrong size.  So Boo and Sasha are friends again, and even make plans after the auditions. 

Speaking of…

Michelle still doesn’t get WHY the auditions needed to be in Paradise.  They are a ton of work, and very stressful, but Fanny insists.  They start, and Boo is in the first group.  She is almost immediately cut, but Fanny sends her back in with a wig and a new name.  Fanny and Michelle have a nice conversation about being seen, with Boo coming back out a couple of more times for new looks, an understanding starts to fall across Michelle’s face.   

And even though Boo’s mother got her that horrible cake before the auditions had even occurred(see the episode title), Fanny’s tutelage helped her through it, and helped her be seen.

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