Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Melissa Meets Boy: Season 5 part 3

And so, after a short hiatus, we come back to the last third of season 5.   When we last left our intrepid heroes, Cory and Topanga had broken up, and Shawn was all mopey because of it.   But how will it end?  Lets jump right in and find out!

In the first couple of episodes, we get a whole lot of nowhere.  Shawn is still broken-hearted over the breakup, and so, when the entire group gets detention, he has a daydream about killing everyone off to get Cory and Topanga back together.  It’s basically the best thing ever, and probably my favorite episode of the season.

Cory is depressed, and apparently not a fun person to be around, until he gets a bit of alcohol in him, then he’s a hoot and a half.  That is, until his dad finds out, and nearly ruins his and Shawn’s friendship, along with sending Shawn down a shame spiral that only ends when he (possibly) unintentionally pushes Angela around.

We then have a bit of a filler episode, though it is another fantastic one, right up there with the horror movie one.  Eric realizes he can do Shakespeare, and manages to get himself on a Hollywood show: Kid Gets Acquainted With the Universe.  It’s about as meta as you can get, though hilariously funny at the same time.  And then they go back around on the whole thing, which I have to show a bit later in this post.

But now, we are down to four episodes left, and things need to kick into high gear.  Topanga *gasp* goes on a date with another guy, and finally realizes what Cory had been telling her all along.  Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss, and doesn’t mean anything, and thus, our happy couple are happy once more!  Except, oops, they forgot to tell Shawn before anyone else, and now, they are playing broken up so Shawn can get them back together, with near disastrous results.  However, things work out in the end, and everyone, including Jack and Eric, go to prom.  And who happens to show up there?  A newly pregnant Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, of course!

This leads us into the penultimate episode of the season, where Cory is afraid of change.  Unfortunately for him, EVERYTHING is changing.  Chubbies? Changed to Peg Leg Pete’s. His room?  Duckies, if Eric has his way.  Mr. Feeney? Retiring, to the shock of everyone.  And somehow, Cory pulls through, even after Topanga drops a bombshell: She applied, and got waitlisted, to Yale.

And so, we hit our final episode of the season, graduation.  We see some old friends, we tie up loose ends, and Cory is supportive of Topanga going to Yale, even if it’s only pretend.  And when she gets in, no one knows what’s going to happen, especially not Cory.  Topanga asks Mr. Feeney for one final bit of advice, and he tells her to go to Yale, unless she has a good reason not to.  And does she have a good reason?  Find out in the clips below.

So this was a story heavy third.  So much happened, the overarcing plot can sometimes get jumbled.  But it basically amounts to Cory, Shawn, and Topanga growing up, and possible growing apart, with as much grace as you would expect from three 18 year olds.  This last third of the season is definitely some of the strongest storytelling in all seven seasons, and has so many memorable moments, it’s hard to chose just one from each episode.  For example, I didn’t pull Eric’s niece/niche confusion, which has a payoff…in season 7.  This is the season where you grow to really care about these characters, and want to see them succeed and be happy, and you are not disappointed at season end.

And now, without further ado, a clip show, from me to you!

And Then There Was Shawn(S5E17)-After the group’s life seems to turn into a horror movie, Shawn knows exactly what will happen.

If You Can’t Be with the One You Love…(S5E18)-Cory and Topanga broken up=one emotional Cory.

Eric Hollywood(S5E19)-Meta within the meta, on top of the Meta.

Starry Night(S5E20)-After a date with another guy, who does Topanga love?

Honesty Night(S5E21)-Cory and Topanga fake fight for the benefit of Shawn.

Prom-ises, Prom-ises(S5E22)-Eric is convinced his dad is cheating on his mom, and tries to convince the concierge to give him the room number.

Things Change(S5E23)-The baby needs new wallpaper.  Eric has a plan.

Graduation(S5E24)-Old friends make a comeback, including one we hadn’t seen since season one.

What is Topanga’s good reason?  It’s all here.

And that concludes season five!  Stay tuned next time, when we start college!

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