Thursday, July 19, 2012

AGT: 7/18 Quarterfinal #3 Results

And now we get to find out who got voted through of this rather lackluster group of acts.

First, a quick note on the guests: the BGT winner, chicka and her dog, were really cute, but I can’t believe that won the whole thing, that’s just cra-cra.  The other girl, and her crappy music can go away, like, yesterday.

Anyway, on to the results!

First out were Jacob William, Rock Star Juggler Mike Price, and Cristin Sandu.   This was utterly predictable, as Jacob William was sent through easily.

The next group was another group of three, so we found out that the producers decided to go straight this time.  The options were  All Beef Patty, Lightwire Theater, and Inspire the Fire. Another no-brainer choice, as Lightwire Theater made it through to the surprise of no one.

Elusive, The Untouchables,  and Jake Wesley Rogers were called next, and this one was almost a toss-up, except for the fact that they put The Untouchables in the group.  They went on, and we were left with an interesting group.

All Wheel Sports, Wordspit, and Spencer Horsman were the last three acts.  Spencer was cut to little fanfare, and the judges were left with an easy choice, in my opinion.  Of course, Howard tried to bork it up, but Howie and Sharon were the brains of the operation tonight, and sent through All Wheel Sports, for a top group that is solid.

And with that, my should go through got bumped up by two, I missed on Cristin and Spencer, for a total right of 7/12.  My will go’s are a bit better, standing at 9/12, I only missed All Wheel Sports there.
Next week, we have a stacked group, and it is going to be super difficult to make my choices.  I wish they would have spread out the really good acts a bit more, but que sera sera, I suppose.

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