Thursday, July 26, 2012

AGT: 7/25 Quarterfinal #4 Results

Holy crap, that was a stressful night for me.  In two of the three eliminations, I wasn’t sure if the person I wanted to go through would.  And how did my predictions turn out?  Find out below!

The first three acts called out were Ulysses, Olate Dogs, and David “The Bullet” Smith.  This group was not terribly suspenseful at all, seeing as it had one amazing group, and two lackluster acts.  And then, my favorite dogs made it through, so yay!

William Close, Unity in Motion, and Sebastian came out next, and I was HIGHLY worried.  My fear from last night, that people would assume William Close was safe, and not vote for him, seemed to be a distinct possibility with this group.  Even though Sebastian sang terribly, and Unity in Motion hopefully split the dance vote, they were strong contenders, and I was really nervous.  Luckily, my nerves turned out to be for naught, and William Close sailed through, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

The third group to come out were Joe Castillo, Eric and Olivia, and Horse. I knew Horse was no threat, but I really wasn’t sure on Eric and Olivia.  Did the voting audience find Joe’s “Obviously” comment a bit too smug, and send him packing because of it?  Was Eric and Olivia’s strong performance good enough to knock off one of my favorites?  Thank goodness again, the voting public had more sense than I gave them credit for, and Joe is on to the semi-finals. 

Before we get to the final group, a quick note on the guest performers:  The British chick blew monkey chunks, and if she disappears from the music scene all together I would not be sad.  The performance from the musical Once was great, mostly cause I love the song they sang, after they got through the ruckus that was all the instruments playing.

And then, there were three: All That, Eric Dittelman, and Lindsey Norton.  Nick was uncharacteristically quick in giving poor Lindsey the boot, and she was crying the whole time, even if she tried to hold it in.  So we were left with All That, who shouldn’t even be eligible, and Eric Dittelman, who should have been in the top three.  Howie voted first, and went for Dittelman, and I totally cheered.  Sharon was second, and for whatever reason, decided All That should move on, probably because they promised oily leather chaps, meh.  So it came down to Howard, and he really does seem to have a good head on his shoulders, as he chose Dittelman for the win.  Of course, Sharon had to ruin it by calling her first pick for the wild card round, blech.

So, my shoulds pulled out a major upset this time, and rocked the house.  We are off for the next few weeks for the Olympics, and then we are right back for the Youtube round.

Shoulds are sitting at 11/16 correct, while wills are sitting at 12/16.  All in all, not bad on the predictions, but we still have eight more acts to go through, so we’ll see how I’m sitting after those.

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