Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bunheads(S1E6)-Movie Truck

So, oh man.  This episode was all sorts of cray-cray.

So first, Michelle wakes up to a gaggle of girls in her backyard; the doors to the dance studio are locked.  She goes to Fanny’s kitchen to find her, and instead find the old bitty’s book club, plus Truly, who are discussing the smut which shall not be named. 

Anyway, Michelle first bags on Truly for not having any friends her own age, then asks where Fanny is.  Turns out, Fanny has gone on vacation!  And left Michelle in charge!  Of course, it happens to be Michelle’s birthday weekend.  “If you insist on dressing up like Cinderella with your tiara and tutu, do it at night, now you have a class to teach!”  “It was only once,” Michelle sputters as Fanny hangs up and goes back to her vacation.

And then, we have class for all of two seconds.

Of course, we then must go to after class, and the girls discussing the movie truck that is coming later that evening, and they makes plans to meet at horrible Sasha’s house, for some reason.

We then cut to Michelle inexplicably practicing on the inexplicable pole that Fanny has installed, when Michelle’s friend Talia comes in, all “Hi there Nomi Malone,” and right there is where I just lost it.  This episode was hilarious from then out.  I don’t know what the point was, I don’t know if any of this is going to have any bearing on future episodes, but this episode was amazingly funny, and now I see how AS-P had a job writing for Roseanne.

Anyway, other stuff happens, like Ginny’s no-longer redheaded boyfriend brings pick gift bags for the girls for their girls night, and Sasha’s parents are awful and yelly, and her dad is so gay, like, literally, and Boo is a sad puppy again, some more when Charlie, tall bunhead’s brother, uses her as a post-it note.

BUT.  Michelle and Talia wander about town, and Talia spots Truly’s store, and goes apeshit.  “It’s a Duck! On a DRESS!”  Talia manage to rope Truly into Michelle’s birthday madness, and it is glorious, even if Truly isn’t a drinker.  I mean, spitting back in to the communal bottle?  Ewww.  Anyway, so drinking, and woo-ing, and slutty dresses, and not narc-cool, just cool-cool, so they talk to the girls, and then drive to LA for the 24 hour cupcake machine, as you do.

And then, the girls get back to Sasha’s too late, and can’t get in without setting off the alarm, so they sleep outside until six in the morning, on Sasha’s mom’s (now broken) car.  And they get back in, and Sasha’s dad is having a mental breakdown on the couch, and Sasha can’t deal, so she goes up to him “I stayed out all night and wrecked Mom’s car,” and silently walks up the stairs. 

And just when you think it’s over…

EXTREME closeup of Sasha in exaggerated black eye makeup, dancing to Constantinople with two random girls(or possibly adults?  Not sure).  It’s a beautiful contemporary piece with some ballet thrown in, and we have no clue if it’s a dream sequence or what, though the lack of anyone at all in the studio indicates dream, and then, we’re done.

This was another very weird episode, but I think I can see the forest through the trees… I’m not one hundred percent, but I think they are trying for a slow build, so we are seeing the gestation of a Michelle/Truly friendship, a Fanny/Michelle mentorship, and the girls are showcasing their before personalities, so they have somewhere to grow.  The only problem is, I’m not sure if we are going to have this show long enough for this gestation to come to fruition.  Only time will tell, so until next week…

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