Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bunheads: Money for Nothing(S1E5)

This episode was kind of low on action, but very heavy on character development, and actually had some lines that I wrote down as I was watching.

So we start with Michelle freaking out over a opossum in her bed.  How did it get there?  How did she get it out?  Was it as trained as it looked?  The world may never know, since it wasn’t brought up again after the open.

We then find out it’s bill paying season in Fanny’s little made up “How to run a successful  business” world.  Fanny explains she pays her bills twice a year by sorting them into four piles: have to pay, should pay, may pay, and pay if there is any money left over.

Michelle asks Truly if this is her method for bill paying: “Mine is when the bill comes in,” she replies, “but Fanny’s system works too!”

We are then thrust into the main arc of this episode, Michelle trying to get Fanny to run her dance school in a way that won’t drown everyone in debt.  It is from this we discover that of the 75 students in Fanny’s school, nine are paying full price.

Michelle decides to fix that little problem by completely borking everything up.  She essentially yells at all the parents to start paying, and nearly kills the Spring festival dance recital, which ends up being off the wall bonkers, and almost awesome.

She eventually gets most of the parents to relent in letting their children perform, mostly assuring them she will be staying far away.  That makes it all the more surprising when Fanny tries to get Michelle to teach at the school(Fanny must have not been privy to the restraining order requests), though Michelle adamantly denys her ability to teach and/or connect with children...

…As she completely 100% connects with our four main girls.

Speaking of which, Boo gets a job at the Oyster Bar, and there is a cute boy with a ridiculous name that I can’t even remember.   The other three girls spend their time trying to woo said boy, with Sasha, aka the bitchy one, running point.  She fails miserably, and is then surprised when Boo manages to catch the boy’s attention.

So yeah.  This episode was a bit strange.  The character development I mentioned earlier did occur, but it was not even that much.  I really hope the show gets to it’s conceit here quickly, because five episodes in, and we’re not there yet.  Even Gilmore Girls, with all it’s rambling, had Rory at Chilton in the first episode.

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