Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Melissa Meets Boy: Season 5 Part 1

So, when we last left our favorite group, they were moving into a new phase in life.  Cory, Shawn, and Topanga are seniors, and are getting ready to grow up.  Shawn realizes that first, he has the brains to get to college, he just needs to use them.  He then realizes his player ways are getting old, and he wants to have a serious relationship, not a fake thing.  Shawn meets Angela for the first time this season, and they start dating.

Cory and Topanga are starting to fall into ruts, and some of the cracks in their relationship is starting to show through, and those cracks will be followed through later in the season.

Eric, after getting into college at the end of the last season, really has to grow up.  After messing up the dorm situation, Cory finds him a new roommate, one that happens to be Shawn’s half brother.  And thus, Shawn moves in with the both of them.  A big chunk of the story arc for this part of the season is Shawn and Jack getting to know each other, with a slice of Eric and Jack becoming good friends as well.

This part of the season is a lot of buildup for the rest of the season, and boy, will it pay off. 

Lets look at some of my favorite moments through this first third.

Brothers(S5E1)-Cory really wants Eric to like Jack, and brings the two to meet for the first time in their new apartment.

Boy Meets Real World(S5E2)-Morgan is sad Eric has moved out, and so hires a fake Eric to take original Eric’s place.

It’s Not You…It’s Me(S5E3)-Cory and Shawn get in a bit of a passive-aggressive fight, and are total girls about the whole thing.  For the record, Cory applied to colleges Shawn thinks he has no chance of getting into.

Fraternity Row(S5E4)-Eric and Jack wear dresses.  It’s as fabulous as you can imagine.

The Witches of Pennbrook(S5E5)-DJ from Full House plays a witch, and Eric tries to stop her evil scheme using a book he found in the library.

No Guts, No Cory(S5E6)-The (nearly) first utterance of a classic phrase.

I Love You, Donna Karan: Part 1(S5E7)-Eric is having trouble studying for his big test, and find Mr. Feeney in his imagination.  Unfortunately, no one else can see Mr. Feeney.

Chasing Angela: Part 2(S5E8)-Such a cute scene.  Cory and Topanga get in a fight, and it still ends with Angela telling Shawn, “I want what they have.”

And that’s the first third!  Stay tuned next week for our second act shakeups! (Lauren, Boo hiss!)

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