Monday, December 3, 2012

Amazing Race: Not a Well Rounded Athlete (S21E10)

Well, that was a thing.  Considering we’ve only had two NEL’s, and there are only four teams left, I bet you can guess where this leg went, hmm?

Let’s get right into it, then.

Natalie and Nadiya left first, at 2:55 in the morning.  Due to a massive bunch, they were grouped with everyone once they hit Spain, but they managed to bork the whole thing up by failing at stick.  Every year, someone gets hit by the stick stick.  They did fairly well for the rest of the leg, but couldn’t make up their early fumbles, and managed to come in last(SPOILERS!)  But are they eliminated?  Finish the recap to find out, or be not surprised by my uber subtle opening paragraph.

James and Jaymes left second, and had a good leg.  They had no issues with stick, and stuck with Trey and Lexi to find the musicians in the cave.  They got lost heading to the detour, but in going to the wrogn one, they really cracked me up: “workin at Chippendales, we put on a construction outfit or two.”  “Yeah, I may have swung a Styrofoam hammer” *grins* They had to put together a windmill for Don Quixote, and got all gussied up for it and everything.  They only didn’t come in first because of…

Trey and Lexi, who left in third.  They had a very strong leg, even though Lexi got a bit whiney at the end.  A little cut on your finger is not something to go into full meltdown over, though it may be a case of killer fatigue.  They rocked the tennis challenge, and were able to pull into a lead and didn’t relinquish it.

Josh and Brent left last at 9:38 am, so only six and a half hours behind the rest of the teams.  They must have made up a lot of time, cause I could have sworn they were a full day back, but they really got their act together.  They even met up with the rest of the teams in Spain, with our first big bunch in a long while.  Even though they got all caught up with the rest of the teams, they still managed to fall to the back of the pack, and were only saved from their second last in a NEL by the unforced errors committed by the twinnies.  They were even a bit funny this week, in a self-deprecating sort of way.  Josh managed to hurt his ankle in the previous leg, and Brent was trying to be helpful: “I’m breathing through the pain for you.” “Thank you, but it still hurts.”  Then they thought it would be a good idea for the guy with the bum ankle to do the tennis challenge.  Yeah, not so much.  It took them three tries to get through it, and they only accomplished hurting the ankle even more.  They rocked it on the windmill task, and managed to come in not last for the fifth leg in a row.

This was kind of a frustrating episode.  It seems like the roadblocks and detours should mix around the teams a bit more than they do, and not so much the getting to the challenges.  I really don’t think Josh and Brent should be there, but they are following my theoretical strategy to a ‘T’: Don’t come in last.  It seems to be working for them, so we’ll see how everything shakes out in the season finale next week.

In looking back at my predictions from the fifth episode, I only have the possibility of getting two right: if Natalie and Nadiya get in the top three, and don’t come in third, and if Trey and Lexi go out in fourth.  I thought James and Abba were still going to be here, along with Abbie and Ryan, but not so much.  I also though James and Jaymes were going out in fifth, and Josh and Brent, and we all see how well that worked out. 

Like I said earlier, next week is the finale, so we get to find out if Josh and Brent finally get out like they’ve been threatening the whole time, and if my favorites, the Chippendales, will win it all!  Woohoo!

Finishing Order(Average Place)

1. Trey/Lexi(3.30)
2. James/Jaymes(4.00)
3. Josh/Brent(5.10)
4. Natalie/Nadiya(3.20)   

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