Sunday, December 16, 2012

The funny stuff: ABC Wednesday(12/12)

Man, I feel like such a slacker.  This is just a little late, and we only have one show to go through.

The Middle

So, we have two main arcs this week.
The main arc is Mike and Frankie’s 20th wedding anniversary.  Sue wants to throw them a surprise party, but Axl and Brick are less than enthused.  Sue tries to throw together a party for them, even has a party planning binder, but every single thing she plans falls through.  The venue gets double booked, all the guests decline to attend, and the skit hasn’t even been written.  To top it all off, Frankie finds the binder, and is super stoked for the party, with all the ‘done’ things Sue has crossed off the list, not knowing those things are out, not done.

On the night of the party, a severely cut down party ensues, and Frankie is very disappointed, though she tries to hide it.  The disappointment is amplified by her anger at Mike, who ignored a cell phone call from her(and she saw him ignoring it through a window).  But it’s made all better by a ring, of course.

In other news, a series finale book is coming out, one that Brick as been reading for half his life, and he is super excited for it.  He’s also super excited for the guitar he won off Axl in a air hockey game.  After he gets the book, Axl takes it, and reads the last chapter, spoiling the ending for Brick.

I gotta admit, I would be SUPER pissed if someone did that to me, and Brick’s collapsing on the floor seems like a totally appropriate response, to be honest.

Brick spends a bunch of time moping around, being pissed at Axl.  That is, until Axl tries to make it up to him by writing a new ending for the book to make up for the ending he ruined.  Brick glances through it, determining it sucks almost immediately.  But he does have a better idea:  he helps Axl gain an appreciation of books and reading by reading the entire seven book series to him.  It was a good ending, and hopefully will stick with Axl in the long run, and help make him a better student.

This was a cute episode.  It was almost fully family-based, with only a couple of scenes even set outside of the house, and the character actions were things you would expect them to do. 

I got a funny line, too:

Axl, after spoiling the ending of Brick’s series: “Brick? Brick?!?  I think I killed Brick!”

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