Thursday, December 13, 2012

The funny stuff: FOX/ABC Tuesday(12/11)

Tonight we had a couple of shows, starting with…

Raising Hope

Apparently, Virginia thinks that the world is going to end on the 21st (the Mayans and all that), and, when she heard about it more than two years ago, she convinced the fam as well.  That is, until the day Jimmy talked to Sabrina, who informed him it’s a fallacy.  Burt, though, decided to humor Virginia for the two plus years instead of causing a fight, so Virginia started planning for the apocalypse, mainly by buying tons of crap with extreme couponing.

Now that it’s almost go-time, Jimmy is getting more and more testy, especially since it’s Hope’s first Christmas she’ll remember, and he wants it to be perfect.  Virginia, on the other hand, insists Christmas be celebrated early due to the impending apocalypse, up to and including eating all the chocolate out of the Advent calendar.

Jimmy freaks out at this, and finally spills to Virginia that the world is in fact not going to end, much to the chagrin of Burt.  Virginia freaks out in turn, of course, but insists she still has the day to prove Jimmy and everyone wrong.  Well, the day ticks slowly by, and there are no signs of the apocalypse, and Virginia is super sad.  That is, until…

Her friend from work comes in completely grimy and destitute.  Apparently, her whole family bought into the end of the world craziness, and decided the only prudent thing to do would be to sell everything they own and watch the theatrics from Disney World.  As one is wont to do.

However!  With all the crap the Chances have stored up in the bunker, along with all their disaster preparedness, they knew exactly what to do to help Virginia’s friends.  They patched up the blistered feet, got them hydrated and fed, and gave them a place to stay until they got back on their feet.

And Jimmy realized that even with his mother’s craziness in the lead up to the non-end of the world, he was glad she did it (relatively) sanely, and is happy to have her as a mom.  Aww.

This was a fun little episode, showing who the family has grown and changed in the past few years, and it was really cute, especially showing how Sabrina and Jimmy first spoke.

I got a couple of funny lines, too!

Jimmy, when Maw Maw wants to fight him: “Maw Maw, I’m not going to fight you, you’re a million years old, and you broke your pelvis falling off the back of that car carsurfing.”
Maw Maw, during her (slightly inappropriate) stand up routine: “If you ever bought or sold a person, you might be an old person”
Happy Endings

This episode seemed a bit disjointed, but there still were a few funny moments to enjoy.

Penny is still dating Peter, and Max is not impressed.  He wants is cray cray friend with the awesome stories back, and to get there, he finds a new friend he calls Nickel(actually Nicole, but he wanted five times the Penny), and uses her to make Penny jealous.  He really only succeeds in helping Penny to help Nicole hook up with Peter’s brother, thereby making Penny think she’s a relationship expert(spoiler: she’s not).  Penny is so proud of herself for not even making a faults list for Peter that she…makes  a faults list for Peter.  
He finds it, of course, and storms out.  Penny is all sad, and Max tries to comfort her, and get her crazy story out, but she is too depressed for Max to take any enjoyment out of it.  Instead, he talks to Peter, and helps them get back together.  Aww.

Dave and Alex’s story is kind of lame this week.  Turns out Alex hadn’t mentioned to her parents that they were back together, and so Alex hadn’t invited Dave to her father’s work anniversary party.  Dave showed up anyway, and some not really funny antics ensued.

Brad and Jane, on the other hand…They are going to the same party Dave and Alex are, but under much different circumstances.  Jane wants to give her father the best congratulations speech she can, and decides the way to that would be to make him laugh.  Unfortunately, her dad is notoriously hard to make laugh, so Jane spends the better part of two days crafting the perfect joke.  Brad, on the other hand, just wants to get in Jane’s dad’s good graces.  Apparently, Brad is very good at putting his foot in his mouth whenever Jane’s dad is around, and pledges to not fail at the party.   

So the big day comes around, and Jane previews her joke to Brad, who doesn’t get it at all.  That doesn’t stop him from telling the joke to Jane’s dad early, of course.  Jane is uber pissed, but luckily, she has a backup plan.  To the surprise of just about everyone(except Alex), she goes full Gallahger, and manages to knock herself out when attempt to smash a watermelon.  In the good news category, her dad absolutely loves it, and Jane is happy again.

This episode was really propped up by the visual gags and puns(Nickel!), the stories weren’t incredibly strong, though it is nice to see Penny happy.

I got a few funny lines, too:

Alex, Brad, Jane, and Dave, as Dave and Alex team eat corn on the cob: “*ding**ding* what are we?” “A typewriter!” “Unsanitary!” “Brad is correct, and Jane is a bitch!”
Penny and the gang, on her relationship status with Peter:” No, STD.”  “Knew it!” “No, Still together, dummies…or still totally dating!  Double STDs!”
Alex on Gallahger: “It’s funny cause it’s wasteful!”
Max on one of Penny’s psycho exboyfriends: “That’s why he was always punching cars!  I just thought he was cool!”
Jane, after Brad shamelessly stole her joke: “I’m seeing you in a new light too…the kind they use when you are trying on a bathing suit, completely unflattering!  Not good!”

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