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The funny stuff: ABC Wednesday(12/5)

So I was a bit of a slacker on these, sorry about that.  We had a couple of fun shows tonight, starting with…

The Middle

This episode was kind of the standard ‘we’re poor’ story line, but it worked for me.

The main arc of this episode involved Mike and his brother Rusty(played by Norm MacDonald), and furniture that was less than legally acquired.  Mike agreed to help him move out some furniture from Rusty’s old place, but when they get it back to the Heck’s garage, since Rusty didn’t actually have room for it in his new place, it turns out the furniture was ‘won’ in a bet, according to Rusty, but not anyone else.

Axl spends the majority of the episode arranging the furniture in the garage to make himself a bachelor pad while Mike attempts to get Rusty to move it out, unsuccessfully.  He finally gets so frustrated that Mike disinvites Rusty to Christmas, and gets a couple of guys to help him move the furniture back.

Frankie, on the other hand, has a plan to pay for all the Christmas presents: she got a job at JJ Mackies, a Target/Walmart-type clone.  All the gifts they would normall get are there anyway, and she gets a 30% discount!  As she’s getting rung up after her first shift, thought, she learns a little unfortunate truth: the discount doesn’t kick in for 20 days, due to people taking the job for one day just for the discount.   She spends the next three weeks hiding away Christmas presents in the store so other people won’t buy them, only to be thwarted by a coworker finding every single last one of them.

In the end, she give the kids pictures of what they are going to get, and they buy it all the day after Christmas, when everything is on sale anyway, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Lastly, Brick and Sue are at a youth group meeting, and Pastor Tim-tom asks Brick to be in the Christmas play.  Brick, oddly enough, agrees, and Sue even gets in on the action by becoming the concession stand operator.  Brick is actually rather enthusiastic about his part in the play, and even gets an upgrade to Wise man numbers 2 AND 3, because wise man 3 couldn’t figure out his line.

But, as usual, Brick completely fails in the end, when he gets utterly distracted on stage, and doesn’t even say his one line.  BUT! It makes the rest of the family get to be in a better mood, laughing at Brick’s antics, and getting back into the holiday spirit.  It helps Mike remember that Brick is the weird brother of Axl and Sue, and that he wouldn’t want them to ever get angry at each other like he did to Rusty, and so he calls and makes it up.  This is also where Frankie gets her present idea, and Sue has fun giving away her 1200 cookies.

I really liked this episode for the religious elements.  Not that there was a whole lot of actual theology or anything, but moreso in the fact that the Hecks to church things, and they are not weird because of it.  They are weird for other reasons, yes, but the fact that they go to church, even on non-Sundays, it’s treated as though they should be mocked or ashamed because of it.  It reminds me of Boy Meets World in that way, to be honest.

I did get a couple of funny lines, as well:

Sue and Brick, to their parents regarding the card they both have: “Oh, it’s the invitation to Axl’s Christmas party, didn’t you get one?”  “Hmm, awkward.”
Mike, after Frankie starts to talk about her new job: “Why do people say guess who?  I already know it’s you.”

This was such a funny episode, and it had some really cute moments as well.

George sends Tessa to Manhattan to spend the holiday with her mom, who is apparently still around.  Tessa is super excited, and meets up with her mom to start right away.  Unfortunately, it is super awkward, and they have literally nothing to talk about.  Tessa gets all homesick for Chatswin, amazingly enough, and heads back to surprise George, and everyone’s happy, and blah blah blah cutecakes.

On the funny side of the spectrum, Ryan is picking up the Shay’s Christmas picture, and the clerk tells him he’s adopted.  This leads to the shallowest existential crisis eva.  He kicks a light post and a parking meter after terrorizing the rest of the Shays waiting for him in the car outside the store.  Turns out Lisa accidentally spilled the beans during the shoot, and the clerk was a real jagoff about the whole thing. 

The next we see of this plot, Malik and family are, when Malik spots Ryan on a boulder on the side of the road.  Malik has his dad pull over, and he lures a basically wild Ryan into the trunk of the car, where he seems very content.  When they get home, Ryan goes more into his existential crisis, and Malik tries to help him through it.  In the end, Lisa asks Tessa to fetch Ryan from Malik’s, since it’s still awkward for her to see him. 

Tessa is initially hesitant, but Lisa convinces her by telling her how Ryan has been crushing on Tessa since basically the beginning, and Tessa realizes she may be crushing on him too.  She talks to him, and they kiss and it is super cute, yet again.

Lastly, firmly in the funny category, Noah’s wife Jill is back from her book tour, and she’s a right bitch to Carmen, who does not take too well to being talked down to.

Dalia, on the other hand, is still mourning the loss of Carmen, and has taken to making the only item on her wish list Carmen.  She even goes so far as to make the greatest music video of all time.  George sends the video to Carmen, and Carmen gets all verklempt  over it.  On Christmas morning, Dalia is sad that none of the packages under the tree are big enough to hold Carmen, but George points out the conspicuously large one in the hallway.  Dalia opens it up, and it’s Carmen, aww!

This was a fun episode with so much GIFable content it verges on ridiculous.  From Ryan freaking out to Dalia’s music video, this episode really needs to be seen to be believed.

I did get a couple of funny lines, too.

Ryan, while talking to Malik “I’m not Ryan, I’m the opposite of Ryan, I’m…I’m Eugene.  I’m not a Shay, I’m the opposite of Shay, I’m Goldfarb. I’m Eugene Goldfarb.”
Dallas, when Dalia asks of Carmen is in any of the small boxes under the tree: “No Dalia, sadly I was unable to chop up Carmen for the holidays.”
Lisa, after Tessa asked her which one to tell that Lisa loves him: “You know which one I’m talking about…I’m talking about the white one.”

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