Monday, December 10, 2012

Amazing Race: Take Down that Million(S21E11)

OOOOOH, I am so frustrated right now.

We started back in Spain, and headed up to France, followed by a final leg in New York city.  But who was there? 

I’m gonna run this a bit differently thatn I normally do, but I want to keep you in suspense!

We started out with Trey and Lexi leaving first, James and Jaymes in second, Josh and Brent in third, and The Twins last.  Once they all get to France, there is a lot of trash talking between the Twins and Josh and Brent, and alliance making between all the teams but Josh and Brent. 

The Twins were bunched until the first clue, where they ran into their speedbump, which separated them from everyone else. 

That is, until they got to the detour, where they ran back into Josh and Brent.  Unfortunately, the Twins fell behind again, while Jaymes and James, and Trey and Lexi busted their behinds and got out ahead of both of them.

Josh and Brent nearly got themselves out of it again when they had navigation issues getting to the detour, and the Twins made it to the Roadblock before them.  The Twins actually managed to leave the Roadblock ahead of Josh and Brent, but had their own navigational issues, and so the Twins made it to the final pit stop in last place, and were eliminated.

And then, I lost interest.  I mean, I adore the Chippendales, but there was no way they were going to win, even with the hapless Josh and Brent in the running.

So, they all flew to NYC, and had to get to Coney Island looking for an actual hidden clue on a Houdini poster.  Trey and Lexi found it first, followed by Josh and Brent.  The Chippendales took their sweet time locating it, but finally did in last. 

All the teams had to head to a bungie jumping challenge tied with a straight jacket challenge, and all the teams finished with little to no issue(beyond Trey being hugely scared of heights), and they were off to the first pizzeria in New York. 

The teams had to deliver, by memory, three orders that were already prepared.  Trey and Lexi did it with no problems, but Josh and Brent failed on two of the orders.  Unfortunately for the other teams, the owner TOLD them which ones, and had more pizzas ready to go.  Least consequential error ever.  All it really did was give The Chippendales a chance to catch up, leading to all three teams…

Making to the effing UN building right about the same time.  The final memory challenge was correctly matching hello’s and goodbye’s to the correct flag.  And suddenly, all the subtitles at the pit stop greeters make sense.

Apparently, none of the teams thought to keep the languages in mind, so every single one of them floundered around uselessly for over two and a half hours.  Finally, Josh and Brent(!) finished first, and took off, followed shortly by the Chippendales, and we had a race to the finish!

And the winner of Amazing Race 21 is…


And that is why I am so frustrated.  They should not have won.  They didn’t win a single leg through the rest of the race, and didn’t finish above third place, ever.  I really hope a stronger team wins next time, and that these two never come across my radar ever again.

Finishing order(average place)

1. Josh and Brent(4.58)
2. James and Jaymes(3.08)
3. Trey and Lexi(3.67)
4. Natalie and Nadyia(3.27)-eliminated

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