Thursday, December 6, 2012

Parenthood: Trouble in Candyland(S4E10)

And suddenly, things get interesting…

Sarah and Mark are finally going on their trips, Mark to the wedding, and Sarah to the job thing with Hank in LA.  They are completely awkward while packing, and Mark is clearly harboring resentment, though he does a terrible job of hiding it.  When Sarah finally makes it to LA, she calls and leaves a whiney message for Mark, saying how much she misses him and blah blah blah.

After the day of job stuff, Sarah and Hank are drinking at the bar, and Hank is fully depressed over his daughter moving to Minnesota, so they get to drinking.  As they are getting back to their rooms, drunkenly stumbling down the hall and leaning on each other for support, who should be at Sarah’s door, but MARK!  They get into a huge argument, and Mark stalks away, feeling stupid for wanting to apologize for arguing with her earlier.

The next morning, Sarah is very short with Hank, telling him it’s not her job to fix him, and it gets very awkward from then on out.   The next we see of this threesome, Mark is on a treadmill, and Sarah and he agree to dinner and a discussion.  Clearly there are still issues though, as Sarah says “I love you,” and Mark says “me, too.”

When Mark is headed to the dinner, he runs into Hank in the elevator.  Hank tries to smooth things over, telling Mark that Sarah knew the LA job thing was a sham, but obviously THAT didn’t go over too well with Mark.  When he gets to dinner, they stare at each other awkwardly(I think I’m sensing a pattern…) until Mark blows up, and breaks up with Sarah over her inability to be happy for once.

And in the end, Hank says good bye to his daughter while Sarah says goodbye to the life she had been living with Mark.  It went not good.

 In other news, Amber tries to get Ryan a job at Joel’s construction site.  Joel acquiesces after a bit of coffee bribery, and Ryan starts the next day.  Except Ryan is kind of a fail construction guy.  He measures once, cuts twice, and can’t even break a piece of sheetrock correctly.  But the piece de resistance is his complete and utter failure to recognize that long poles plus short corners equals a broken $800 window. 

Ryan quits on the spot, and stomps off the yard even though Joel tries to stop him.  Joel stops by his house later, but Ryan doesn’t answer the door, clearly going into a depression spiral, and most likely his and Amber’s arc for the next part of the season.
Julia is having more issues with Viktor.  He seems to be feeling part of the family now, but his schoolwork is suffering instead.  Julia can’t get him to study, and Sydney isn’t helping with her ‘help.’  Turns out that Viktor missed 47 days of school the previous year and is terribly behind.  After struggling for what seemed like forever, Julia takes it to Kristina.  Who is still tokin it up.  Kristina gives some borderline advice, and tells Julia to bribe Viktor with candy, which she does.

Amazingly enough, the show didn’t go with the whole ‘Viktor studies hard and aces the test’ arc, and instead, he only gets a 62.  Viktor is pissed, but Julia manages to do some actual parenting, and Viktor will live to study another day.

Finally, we had the bitchy lady fighting with Crosby and Adam again, some more.  This arc was really lame, least of all because the bitchy lady was the least realistically drawn character I’ve seen this season.   She is fully committed to hating the Braverman boys, and no line of rational thought will get in her way.  First, she tows a musician’s car, then she takes her complaints straight to Adam, and insists he’s trying to use Kristina’s cancer for sympathy.  Finally, when they get to the city council meeting, she has a picture of Crosby urinating in the alley(which, ewww), and basically calls the whole shebang an eyesore.  Crosby, though, manages to pull the whole thing out of the gutter by bringing in the REST of the neighborhood, who love the Luncheonette, and don’t want it closed.  Suck it, bitch.

So, we got plenty of arcs screaming toward the finish, and now I’m kind of excited to see what the future will bring!

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