Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Funny Stuff: CBS Monday(12/3)

Tonight get only one show, the nearly over

How I Met Your Mother

This was yet another filler episode, and since we know this isn’t how any of our charaters end up, it was even worse than normal.

Lily and Marshal are bemoaning the fact that Lily’s dad can’t take care of Marvin for the week, and Ted, in a job lull, offers to take over.  He, of course, starts stealing firsts from Marshal and Lily, such as the first crawl.   Apparently when Lily’s dad takes care of him, Marvin is a catatonic baby, and doesn’t do anything.

They eventually throw and intervention for Ted, realizing that with the finish of the GNB building, he had a huge hole in his life, and they set him up on the headhunter interview he cancelled to take care of Marvin.  It was about as exciting as it sounds.

Meanwhile, Barney and Robin were playing this weird little game, wherein Robin attempts to woo Barney now that she’s closed the door on them being together.  But, as Lily put it, Barney locked that door, which is why Robin is obsessing.  Robin tries a myriad of ways to get him interested in her again, such as “The Robin and Lily get freaky/The Robin and Lily ‘That Bitch Brandi’ get freaky.”  In the end, Barney takes Brandi to the news room, but has a breakdown, where the awesome Patrice comforts him, and they go back to his apartment to play Crazy Eights.

Oh, and Barney loses Clarence, one of his ties, to a very serious ketchup accident, and decides to start a  running joke business: “Bro Bibs.”  Every person’s shirt style is mimicked and Lily loves the idea, and really wants in.  Watch this plot arc vanish in a matter of a week, though.

So, like I said above, very filler, and terrible behavior all around.  I mean really, Ted?  Taking Marvin to see Santa for the first time?  That is seriously cold.

I did get a few funny lines for you, though.

Lily, to Marvin: “If you ever wanna see these boobs again, crawl, you son of a me!”
Lily,  after learning about Barney’s business idea: “Bro bibs for women! Bitch bibs! Barney’ll sue us for sure, but lets do it!”
Barney, when he starts to leave with weather girl Brandi: “Someone’s about to get unseasonably banged.”
Ted and Marshal, after Ted comes to his senses, and decides to get rid of the lollipop he’s holding: “I’ll just give it to one of these kids.” “Ted, you’re half naked, and not ONE of these kids parents, don’t give them candy.”

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