Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The funny stuff: CBS Monday(12/10)

Tonight we’re back with…

How I Met Your Mother

Let’s see, where to begin, where to begin…

Lily and Marshall are trying to figure out how to house his mother, and after a few false starts(no, Lilly, she cannot stay at a hostle), they relent in letting her stay in their cramped apartment.  Mickey is still there, of course, helping with Marvin, and it is super cramped.  When Marshall’s mom gets there, she confides in Lily that she is ready to get back into the dating game, and Lily encourages her.

Ted didn’t really have a whole lot of plot tonight, but he did have a rather hilarious running gag.  In the open, he listed off a bunch of items that the gang has borrowed, and that he’s not lending anything else out until he gets it all back.  Then, though the whole of the episode, all the various items, plus a few more, show up, all labeled property of Ted Mosbey.  Of course, it was all his crazy crap too, like his red cowboy boots and a vote for Ted sweatshirt.

Lastly, Barney is officially dating Patrice, and Robin is not happy.  She spent the episode attempting to sabotage them, but Patrice was having none of it.  Robin decided she needed to go to drastic measures, and so snuck into Barney’s apartment.  She was looking for the Playbook, Barney’s trick he used to get women to sleep with him.  She found  a red button, but it was just a Bon Jovi thing.  She also found the Bro Code, but then disaster strikes:  Barney come back, and Robin has to hide in the bedroom closet so he won’t know she’s there.
Robin called Ted to help her get out of the jam, and he only manages to get himself stuck in Barney’s kitchen closet.  Robin calls Lily to have her help, but Lily is in Barney’s second bedroom closet!  Barney’s is the only place where Lilly can get some peace and quiet for her pumping.

Just then, Marshall calls, and he in a closet too.  Why, you may ask?  Well, his mom decided to get out there, like Lily suggested, and who did she go with?  Lily’s dad, of course!  Marshall is thoroughly squicked out, and gets Lily there as well.

Robin, on the other hand, is perfectly happy for them.  Why shouldn’t they be happy, right?  So what does she do?  She figures out where the playbook is(finally) and gets it to Patrice, who is now also in Barney’s apartment, with everyone but Marshall.  Patrice is fully skeeved out, as she should be, but Barney surprises everyone by throwing it in a garbage can(labeled property of Ted, natch), and lighting it on fire.

They the rest of the gang gets out(somehow), and makes their way back to the bar.  Marshall and Lily are still weirded out by their parents, but Robin reminds them that they deserve to be happy.  And speaking of happy, shouldn’t we stage an intervention for Barney?  Because, according to Robin, he is clearly going through something big since he’s still with Patrice. 

The next day, Marshall, Lily and Ted are holding an intervention…but for Robin, of course.  She is obsessing and needs to get over Barney.  Again.  Oh, and Marshall’s mom and Lily’s dad are F#^& buddies.

I was not impressed with this episode.  The running visual gag had me rolling a bunch, but all the stories were pointless, gross, or both(REALLY, Ted, telling your kids about the F*#$ buddy thing?).  I really hope that one of two things happens: either we meet the mother and the show ends, or the writing picks up significantly.  Knowing my luck, though, it’ll be neither.

I did get a couple of funny lines, though:

Marshall and Lily at Marshall’s stand up act: “…he had one job! To keep her off the fishin pole!” “You suck!” “Lilly!”
Marshall’s mom and Lily, when Lily was giving her dating advice: “And you should let the gals out to play more! The gals? *unbutton* Oh, you mean the Minnesota Twins!

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