Saturday, December 1, 2012

Glee: Thanksgiving(S4E8)

So I’m guessing this is the episode that was supposed to air last week, instead of the superheroes on Thanksgiving, which was weird.  Sandy probably borked everything up, and now they’re all off…hopefully, this’ll be fixed soon enough.

Anyway, on to the main story:

A whole bunch of alumni come back and randomly break into song, as one is wont to do in the McKinley auditorium.  We have Quinn, Puck, Santana, Mercedes, and Mike, with Finn lurking in the shadows as well.

Finn asks them a favor over dinner at breadsticks, and we cut to the mass of them in the choir room with all the actual glee club members.  Finn asks that each alumni mentor a newbie, as follows:

Quinn with FQuinn, Puck with FPuck, Santana with Marley, Mercedes with Unique, and Mike with FFinn.  Oh, and Britney uses this moment to confirm in her mind that Mercedes was cloned to create Unique, so there’s that.

FPuck and FFinn have a gentleman’s agreement, in that FPuck won’t take things that FFinn wants, since FPuck got Marley.  This leads directly to a dance workshop where FPuck blows his moves to let FFinn have the dance lead in their rendition of Gangnam Style for Sectionals.  Oh, if only I were joking.

Santana, Brit, and Quinn show the girls(plus Unique) how in sync they are with each other, and do an impromptu song and dance for them.  The girls are all duly impressed.  Afterward, Quinn and FQuinn are talking, and FQuinn is so hardcore sucking up, I’m surprised the whole of Mckinley wasn’t destroyed in her wake.  Quinn asks what’s up with Marley, and FQuinn tells her she’s worried that FPuck is gonna take her v-card, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Of course, Quinn knows all about the Puckermans and their wily ways, so she tracks down FPuck and tells him to keep it in his pants.  He obviously has no idea what she’s talking about, but Quinn is having none of it, and walks away all high and mighty. Later, Santana and Quinn have a smackdown in the choir room.  Santana hates on FQuinn for a bit, for obvious reasons, but all Quinn can see is ‘jealousy.’  Even the laxatives FQuinn gave Marley doesn’t deter Quinn, and the Marley taking laxatives storyline lives to see another day.

Soon after, FFinn is attempting to get the Gangnam dance moves down,a nd is failing miserably.  FPuck comes in, and they talk about their earlier agreement, and why FPuck bombed the dance workshop.  FPuck decides to help FFinn with the dance moves, and shows off a bit of his trained ballet(!) moves.   They meet later in the choir room with the whole group for a show circle, and have a preshow prayer, Old Testament style for the Puckermans.

Right before sectionals starts, Marley and FPuck are talking with FFinn lurking in the background.  FPuck sees how sick Marley looks and assumes it’s from nerves, and not the four boxes of laxatives she’s taken in the last week.   From his lurking position, FFinn realizes they need a showstopper, and gives FPuck the dance lead approximately ten seconds before curtain.  Smart, boys.

The judges this year are a obituary editor, a locomotive museum curator, catfish festival queen.  The Warblers go first, and sing two crappy songs, but the audience really gets into it for some reason.  Mr. Shue even comes back to watch the madness unfold from an audience perspective.

The Mennonites go next, and they do a rousing rendition of old school songs, presumably because the producers of this show thought it’d be funny.

New Directions is last, and Tina got the Gangnam Style lead, so that was neat for her, even though it’s fully in Korean, so boring to listen to.  But then!  Marley passes out on the stage due to a laxative OD, and DRAMA!

Oh, and Kurt and Rachel decide to stay in New York for Thanksgiving.  She forgives Brody for sleeping with her teacher, and Kurt invites SJP over for dinner, which she takes to mean invite every drag queen in the area for massive party.  They sang some weird song, and Kurt and Rachel are thrilled for reasons that are beyond me.  Then Kurt calls Blaine, and they are on their way to making up, gag me.

This was not a good episode.  Most of the music was horrid, and the characters, when not acting like full on idiots, were completely out of character, and it was really lame.


Homeward Bound/Home: Quinn, Puck, Santana, Mike, Mercedes, and Finn
Come See About Me: Quinn, Santana, and Brit
Let’s Have a Kiki(Language warning)/Turkey Lurkey: Kurt, SJP, Rachel
Gangnam Style: Tina, chorus

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