Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SNL: Jamie Foxx/Neyo(12/8)

Oh, my.  This was such a terrible episode, it took me four days to get it on paper.

Lets get right down to…

The Good

Maine Justice(7)-On it’s face, this sketch was weird.  A courtroom in Maine with it’s occupants acting like New Orleans debutants?  But the humor came from the absurdity, and it had it in spades.  It may be on in the top ten for the year so far, but it has been a rather slow year.

The Meh

J-Pop America Fun Time Now!(6)-Another absurd type, but the joke is starting to get a bit stale.  There’s only so many ways you can mock a culture, and I think they may be coming up on it.

Commercial:Tyler Perry/Alex Cross mashup(4)-Old people in situations you don’t expect?  It’s funny cause she’s old!

Weekend Update: Headlines(6)-Four days later, and I don’t remember a single joke.  Meh to the max.

Weekend Update: Segments(5)-For some reason, the ding song one was a bit popular, but I didn’t really like it.  Mrs. Clause was  vaguely amusing since you wouldn’t expect her to say those things, but it went on for a million years.

Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney?(6)-I think this would have been funnier if I ever gave even half a thought to either of these two actors.  Oddly enough, this same joke was made in another show this week, Raising Hope or Happy Endings, can’t remember which.

The Ugly

Cold Open: Presidential Press Conference(3)-Ha ha, it’s funny cause the Republican is a bullied wimp.  No thank you.

Monologue(2)-This reminded me of Chris Metzen’s ‘Geek is’ speech at BlizzCon a couple of years ago.  How black is that went on even longer than that, and had even fewer fun references or amusing visuals.

Bitch, What’s the Answer(3)-This was just hateful, and I was annoyed about three seconds in.

Marcus, Tree Pimp(3)-I can kind of see where they were going with this sketch, but it failed miserably.

Swarovski Crystals infomercial(2)-This sketch had a high concept premise that fell flat on it’s face with it’s obnoxious characters. 

The Rest

Neyo was fine enough, I guess, I didn’t realize that he didn’t sing songs that didn’t suck.

Jamie Foxx was terribly wooden for the majority of the show, Maine Justice excepting.  I was not impressed with his stand up for the monologue, and he really seemed to hate a lot of the material as well.  It was rather strange.

Wild guess, this episode will be near the bottom for the season, if not the worst.  The average was 4.3, so terribly low.

Let’s see how it stacked up.

1. 11/10 Anne Hathaway/Rihanna(6.60)
2. 11/3 Louis CK/fun. (5.89)
3. 11/17 Jeremy Renner(5.83)
4. 9/22 Joseph Gordon Levitt/Mumford & Sons (5.71)
5. 9/15 Seth McFarlane/Frank Ocean (5.38)
6. 10/13 Christina Applegate/Passion Pit (5.09)
7. 10/20 Bruno Mars (5)
8. 12/8 Jamie Foxx/Neyo(4.3)
9. 10/6 Daniel Craig/Muse (4)

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