Wednesday, June 20, 2012

AGT: 6/18

Tonight was kind of a mash-up, the best of the rest…or worst, as the case may be.  As usual, though, I’m only going to focus on the acts that made it through.
Lilliana the baby tap dancer-Holy crap!  That was totally not what I was expecting, she did an amazing job.  I see at least top 40 in her future.
Midnight circus-miscellaneous circus things, not very memorable.  I don’t see them getting out of Vegas.
Boy band-One guy had on a Union Jack shirt, maybe?  Again, not very memorable, least of all because they only showed them for a short time.  It was a very generic boy/rock band that won’t make it out of Vegas
Stripy lockers-A couple of hiphop/lockers that were decent, but due to the strong competition in the dance group this year, won’t make it out of Vegas.
Soulful black guy-He was only on for a couple of seconds, so I don’t really have an opinion.  Maybe to the end of Vegas, but not top 40?
Impressionist-Yet another act zipped through so we could watch the inane pick dress girl that was only there to meet Howard Stern.  Wild guess is perform in Vegas, but not past that.
Old tappers-These were two little old bitties that could actually tap.  It was cute for sure, but they were way too slow to make it past Vegas, and I don’t even see them performing there, to be honest.
Nerdy comedian-funnier than he looked!  I expected this guy to suck royally, but he was really funny!  If he has a good second set, I can see top 40 in his future.
787 Puerto Rico dance-generic hiphopper/lockers.  Again, the dance groups are so strong this year, I don’t see them moving past Vegas, unless the other groups fail miserably.
Mary Joyner-singer, Flo-Jo’s daughter.  She was decent, and has a good story, but again, her voice wasn’t that strong.  I’m seeing the end of Vegas for her, but not into the top 40.
Next week, we have Vegas!  I’m hoping to look back at my predictions, and see how well I did(or didn’t) do for the different groups.

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  1. Great article! I loved Jacob Williams he did a great job making me laugh. I though Mary Joyner was ok but I don’t think she is a million dollar act. Then Lil Starr's great but I think the same she's not making it past Vegas. I can’t wait to see what happens in Vegas and I can’t wait to watch. Americas Got Talent happens to be one of my favorite shows during primetime. I always hate it feels like I watch more commercials than I do my show. The new Auto Hop feature lets you decide whether you want to view commercials or skip them. I was stoked after my coworker at Dish showed me this fabulous feature. If you want to watch commercials then you can always skip back and watch them, even if the Auto Hop is enabled. This allows me to save money on batteries for the remote, since I won’t have to fast forward like I once did.