Friday, November 30, 2012

The Funny Stuff: NBC Thursday(11/29)

This night of comedy started out on a high note, faltered a bit, and then finished decently.  We started with

30 Rock

Liz got married!  It was super fun, and she pulled out her infamous Leia costume, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Her ex, Dennis, he of ‘dummy’ fame, adopted a kid with his wife, and Liz laments her looooong wait on the list with no kid to her name.  Dennis was apparently on the list for all of two months, with Liz finds grossly unfair, so she sarcastically suggests marrying Cris, who unsarcastically agrees.  They decide to go through with it at the justice of the peace, win sweats and whatnot, the next day.  Liz gets all emotional and whatnot, and finally decides that she DOES want to be a princess, so they get all set up thanks to Jack, who manages to get Tony Bennett to sing. 

In other news, Tracy is very upset: Dr. Spaceman has told him, due to all the parts replacement, he is in perfect health.  Tracy takes this to mean he’s not going to die any day now, and must subsequently plan for the future.  He does this by turning his chainsaw hat fund into his kid’s college fund, and reading scripts that people submit to his production company, for starters.  But then! He gets hit(lightly) by Liz’s cab, and realizes that he could still die at any time, so it’s back to immature behavior, woo!

This was a fun episode.  There really wasn’t a whole lot of action beyond the two main plots, but that was just fine by me.  Kenneth and Jenna’s plots have all be pretty crappy as of late.  I got a couple of funny lines for you:

Dennis, after Liz accuses him of being racist: “Yeah right Liz, the guy with the black kid is racist!”
Dr. Spaceman, after declaring Tracy 100% healthy: “I don’t have a pamphlet to help you get through this…but I do have one full of vaginas.”  “I’ll take it!”
The Office

This was not a terribly funny episode, but it was full of pathos for the secondary characters, which was great.
Oscar and Angela continue their drama from last week, with Oscar looking for clues as to whether Angela put two and two together, and figured out that her husband and he are having an affair.  Angela is her usual slightly cold self, and Oscar is relieved, he relates in a talking head, Angela doesn’t know.  Except oops, Angela is staring menacingly outside the conference room window.  Angela is sickeningly sweet the rest of the morning, all while convening with Dwight to get her revenge on the person that caused her husband to cheat. 

Dwight takes her to a creepy friend he obviously has, and Angela voices her ultimate goal: murder.  Dwight is the surprising voice of reason, and talks her down to kneecapping only, and then makes a shocking discovery:  this is for Oscar.  Since the friend is already off, he has to spend the rest of the day protecting Oscar, since he’s kin, and can’t let that happen to him.  Oscar manages to disarm the friend, who runs away scared, but Angela kicks him right in the shin as retribution. 

In other news, Pam is going to start her mural, but is having a ton of trouble actually putting paint to cinderblock.  Pete, in the bullpen, has taken to stacking the complaint cards in a tower ala a house of cards.  The entire office gets involved, and there is a party going on, with old complaints being read as they are stacked.  Kevin manages to break the tower, and there is nearly a riot, but Pete diffuses the situation by reminding everyone that it is a tower of mistakes, and who hasn’t made on their life?  Pam silently raises her hand in the background as everyone else nods in agreement. 

The get to rebuilding the tower, and make it nearly to the ceiling.  Unfortunately, they are one short of reaching their recently made goal.  Pam decides to take one for the team, and coldcalls a client, making a ‘yo momma so fat’ joke.  It’s too bad the client’s mother, who struggled with weight, recently passed away.  Yay for losing a client in this terrible economy, I guess?

Like I said, lots of pathos with very little comedy, but the Oscar/Angela thing was a fully earned plot, so it works for me.    

Parks and Rec

This was a cute episode.  Not great, and kind of lacking in the quotable department, but fun for what it was.

Ben and Leslie, fresh of their engagement, are looking for park designs.  They haven’t gotten any actual proposals, just weird things from inmates.  And then, a proposal does come in, and it’s great!  Except, it’s from an architect in Eagleton, Pawnee’s arch-nemesis.  Ben convinces Leslie to at least hear the proposal, and Leslie reminds everyone why they hate Eagletonians.  The architect seems genuine, and the park he designed for Eagleton was pretty swank.  They agree to see the mockup the next day. 

Two of the architect’s associates show up with the model, and it is as terrible as one would expect from an Eagletonian.  Leslie kicks them out, and she and Ben are seething the rest of the day.  Ben makes an appointment to chew out the architect, and it turns out he had nothing to do with the mean-spirited model, and in fact, fired the two that did it.  Ben is ready to give him a second chance, but Leslie has one final comeback: shaving cream attack.  He does come back the next day with a beautifully articulated model, and Leslie is happy with the new design: she’ll only fight him on 80% of the design!

Andy and April have fun with Andy’s new job as city hall weekend security.  Andy is super bored, getting all existential and whatnot, and calls April down to amuse him.  They roleplay Burt Maklin/Judy Hitler, and all’s fun and games till they make a little boy cry.  Andy takes the little boy around city hall, looking for his mother, who is eventually found.  April convinces Andy that Andy Dwyer, City Hall Security, did a lot more good than Burt Maklin, and perhaps Burt should be retired.  Andy agrees, and they cute all over the retirement ceremony.

Finally, Tom is setting up is fully legitimate Rent-a-Swag business, and swears to run it in the complete opposite direction of Entertainment 720, from the look of his space to the expenditures on overhead.  He gets everyone from the office to help him put the space together, and splurges on a medium pizza with no toppings as thanks.  Ron has been mentoring Chris in woodworking, and has him build a staircase.   Unbeknownst to Chris, it is a stairway to nowhere, mostly used by Ron to keep Chris out of his hair. 

After a quiet meal with Ann, where she convinces Tom he needs at least a little of his swagger that he had at E720 if he wants Rent-a-Swag to succeed, Tom picks a non-phlegmy color for the walls and basically moves all his personal stuff to the space.  It actually looks really nice, and Tom is about ready to get going for real!

This had a lot of funny things, but they weren’t hugely funny, nor memorable, but I do recall laughing during the episode. I did manage to jot down one funny line for you:  

Andy, in a talking head during his first security guard shift: “Uhgh, I thought maybe 10 minutes had gone by since I started talking, but it’s only been 15 seconds!

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