Saturday, February 23, 2013

Amazing Race: Business in the Front, Party in the Back(S22E1)

Yay, it’s a new season of Amazing Race, and we have all new contestants, ones no one has ever seen before!  Tons of stuff happened in this episode, let’s take a peek, shall we?

The teams started in LA, of course, because it’s not like there aren’t literally a million other places they could start.  Everyone made their way to Bora Bora to go skydiving out of a helicopter, followed shortly by a needle-in-the-haystack style roadblock that always tend to be the demise of at least one team.  The teams had to dig through hundreds of sandcastles to find their clue, rebuilding each destroyed structure as they went. The teams then had to build a canoe to paddle to the pitstop.  With eleven teams, this episode was jam-packed, with lots of personalities to go around.

Chuck and Wynona are married rednecks.  How do we know they are rednecks?  Well, the mullet is the first clue(on the man, in case you were wondering), and Chuck is also into taxidermy.  They manage to get on the first flight to Bora Bora, but are held up on the sandcastles, pulling them back a few slots.

Bates and Anthony are professional hockey playing brothers(in the blood sense).  They did crack me up in the intro, where they started in on the clich├ęd ‘we’re so close’ bit, but the other brother ended it with ‘each other’s sandwiches,’ so, amusing.  They didn’t have much time on screen at all though, so I’m not sure if their prospects are very good.

Mona and Beth are moms who happen to roller derby, which is fun.  Of course, they had a snafu on one of the signup sheets-missing a line but other than that, had a pretty solid leg.

Max and Katie are terrible people, and they know it.  I hate them, and was not sad they had such a terrible leg.  I’m really hoping their penalty will doom them next leg.  Oh, and according to Max, Katie’s ‘likeability factor’ is low, and her being sociable is horrifying.

Dave and Connor are father and son cancer survivors.  Son is a professional bicyclist, and that is about all we learn about them in an overstuffed leg.

Jessica and Jon are dating, and are a non-entity.  I don’t even remember them doing a single thing this leg, so maybe gone quickly, but who knows.

Idries and Jamil are twin OB/GYNs, and are kind of hilarious.  When another team asked them their professions, one of the twins first responded ‘I’m a delivery man.’  The other team calls them on those shenanigans right away, and the other twin goes, ‘okay, okay, you got us.  We’re kindergarten teachers.'  I’m not ashamed to admit, I lolled.

Pam and Winnie are Team Asian Besties, only to differentiate between the three other besties on the race.  They were yet another non-entity.  Though I did wonder if Winnie is an homage to Winnie Cooper.  She seems about the right age.

Joey and Megan are Youtubers, and I am so glad I have never run across their show before, because they annoy the living hell out of me already and they had VERY little screen time as well.  If that’s what non-internet users think all online content producers are like, then I can see why they don’t even want to try.

Matt and Daniel are firefighters, rednecks and really poor racers.

Caroline and Jennifer are country singers that I’ve never heard of, and had very little screen time as well, though what I did see of them seemed…whiney.

The first episode of a season is always fun, but so jam-packed you don’t really get a feel for many of the teams.  So far I’m on the hate train for the newlyweds and the youtubers.  Everyone else was kind of meh. 

It was interesting that the final three team came together and decided to quit the sandcastle challenge together.  I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of game-playing since Rob and Amber.

Finally, we have team placement:

1. Jessica/Jon
2. Bates/Anthony
3. Dave/Connor
4. Pam/Winnie
5. Mona/Beth
6. Joey/Megan
7. Chuck/Wynona
8. Idries/Jamil
9. Max/Katie
10. Caroline/Jennifer
11. Matt/Daniel-Eliminated

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