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The Funny Stuff: COMMUNITY!(2/7)



So, I’m a bit excited, if you couldn’t tell.  It is now, officially, October 19th, and all can rejoice.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Starting with Britta and Troy, they are dating, and it is super awkward, since Britta is trying to Britta it with all her might, but Troy gets her, so everything worked out in the end.  But the middle, omg.  Troy and Britta take on a Troy and Abed tradition: making wishes after throwing coins in a fountain.  Abed has very definitive rules which Troy tried to explain to Britta, but she didn’t care, like one bit.  They eventually end up wrestling on the side of the fountain, but the next we see of them, they have made up, and that was it.  It was a very abrupt end to a story that has been building since season two, but I’m hopeful it will be more fleshed out through these next twelve episodes.

Abed, on the other hand, is having issues adjusting to the fact that this is the last year for everyone, and Britta therapizes him to go to his happy place when he’s feeling stressed.  Of course, his happy place is the TV show in his head starring his friends, where everyone stays at Greendale forever.  Oh, and it has promos for other shows like ‘Blind and Blonde.’  And they were awesome. Turns out, in Abed’s happy place, the dean lost their school records, so they have to take the first three years all over again.  But then!  Annie finds the backup, and Abed is sad in his happy place, so Britta sends him to his happy place…in his happy place!  And obviously, it’s Greendale Babies.  And it is awesome.  Anyway, Abed gets over his issues after a Jeff speech Abed made up in his head. 

Annie and Shirley have a relatively minor plot in which Annie is going to fully commit to Senioritis, complete with pranking.  They first head to the Dean’s office, where Annie wants to move everything on his desk an inch, but Shirley convinces her to fill his car with popcorn.  Which involves unpopped kernels, and lots of mirrors, instead of prepopped, but whatever.  Anyway, Annie gets all pissed because she doesn’t’ actually want to be a hospital administrator, and they meet up with the rest of the group, where everyone hugs out their issues, mostly stemming from Jeff, and Annie decides to actually take a forensics class.

Pierce spends the entire episode making a ‘gay balls’ joke, and that was it.

Jeff, though, had the major plot:  he spent the entire summer taking online classes, and all he has left to graduate is a history credit.  Unfortunately for him, the only history class being offered is the History of Ice Cream, which has been overbooked.  The dean comes and makes an announcement:  since the class sign-ups were hacked(and by hacked, he means someone broke into the storage closet and made fake entrance tickets), he has created the Hunger Deans!  They are a competition to get one of 37 red balls, meaning admission into the class.  The rest of the study group is like ‘oh, hell no!,’ so Jeff is determined to get balls for all of them.  He nearly succeeds, and got six balls, but when he noticed Abed practically catatonic, he stops to fix the broke Abed.  And then Leonard steals the balls.

And the dean offers another, actual, history class so Greendale doesn’t lose out on $40,000 in grant money.  AND the dean also moved into the apartment next to Jeff’s.  AAAAANND Chang is back! Dun dun DUN!

This was such a great episode.  Yeah, there was something slightly off from last season, but it was hands down better than just about anything else on TV right now.  The pop culture allusions were only a little forced in the case of the Hunger Deans, but Greendale Babies was fantastic.

I got so many funny lines, it verges on ridiculousness:

Troy and Abed, in unison: “Troy and Abed back from summer!”
Annie and Troy, as they are about to leave for school: “Found my lucky notebook!” “Found my lucky charm!” *chomp*
Annie, on how she’s gonna pull off her senioritis: “Pullin’ pranks, not saying my ‘g’s!”
Abed and Troy, on the magical powers of the fountain: “Last year, Troy wished to catch Bin Laden, and for the Dorito Taco.”  “Yeah, but Obama got credit for both of them.”
Leonard, on his seat saving method: “I’ve been pissing in jars for an hour to keep this seat!”
Jeff, after Annie accuses him of wanting to get out of Greendale: “Graduating after 30 can’t be characterized as early.”
Shirley and Jeff, after the first Hunger Deans game: “Jeffrey, is that blood on your shirt?”  “Oh no, it’s cool, it’s Leonard’s.”
Abed’s happy place happy place theme song: “Greendale Babies!”
Jeff and the dean, in the hall outside Jeff’s apartment: “You smell like the floor of a movie theater.”  “Yeah, but not for the usual reasons.”

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