Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Funny Stuff: HIMYM(2/4)

So the main plot of this episode was kind of lame, but the machination to get there?  Had me rolling.

So Ted has a meet-cute with a girl on a train, they are reading the same book, and catch each other’s eyes…and then the girl leaves.  Which doesn’t make sense for what occurs later in the episode, but whatever.  Ted tells the gang about this girl, and about his plan to find out everything he can about her so as to find her again.  Lily, after a bit of back and forth, finally convinces him NOT to seek out this girl, as that would be crazy.  Luckily for Ted, then…

The girl finds him outside his classroom building during a fire drill.  Later, Ted talks about his Dahmer-Dobler scale, and that Jeanette, his new girlfriend, clearly falls on the Dobler side of the scale.  But after a few prodding questions, it turns out not only did the girl a)start a fire to get Ted out of the building, she b)stalked him for a year to set up the initial meet-cute, and bought that book ten minutes after he did to facilitate it.  Creepy. 

But all is glossed over when it turns out Lily had her own little brush with the Dahmer-Dobler scale when she and Marshall met:  when she knocked on his door for him to fix her stereo, not only had she seen him previously, she knocked on a bunch of doors to find specifically him.  But she ‘couldn’t stand it if she didn’t try,’ so it’s totally cool.

In actual funny story, Robin is totally on board with Ted becoming a stalker, seeing as it could happen to anyone, right?  Yeah, turns out Robin totally stalked someone in her youth, and Barney is on the case!  He heads to Canada to suss out the stalkee that got Robin a 50 meter restraining order, and ends up at Tim Horton’s talking to Simon(the Beek!), learning that the whole story is on ‘Underneath the Tunes,’ Canada’s answer to ‘Behind the Music,’ and it’s…


We get a quick recap of the saga so far, and then learn that Robin Sparkles had a secret.  It took every single famous person out of Canada to explain it, and it was awesome.  Turns out Robin Sparkles decided to go a bit darker for her next hit, and birthed grunge…in 1996.  Her song, P.S. I love you, was suitable dark, and the video had everything  a 90’s video could ask for, including a naked old guy.

As an aside, just for funsies, here’s all the people that showed up, according to IMDB: k.d. lang, Geddy Lee, Steven Page, Jason Priestley, Dave Coulier, Paul Shaffer, and Alex Trebek, all commenting on Robin Sparkles’ fall, and it was hilarious.

But at the end of the special, the big question still lingered: who was P.S. I Love You about?  Robin spilled at the end of the episode:  Paul Shaffer, of course! 

The non-Robin Sparkles portions of this episode were pretty crap.  As Ted said, everyone makes one big mistake before they meet the one, and Jeanette is his, so hopefully no more extraneous not!mothers?  We can only hope.  The Robin Sparkles stuff, on the other hand, were genius, and I was rolling the whole time.  So, passing, I suppose.

I did get a few funny lines for you:

Ted and Lily, debating Ted’s newest girl: “It’s a meet cute!” “It’s a stalker-crazy!”
Simon, on what he said to Robin when he broke up with her :Robin, can we keep dating, but I stick it to other babes?”
Narrator!Ted, after Dave Coulier did his ‘Cut!It!Out!’ schtick: “I always liked that joke.”

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