Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Funny Stuff: Parks and Rec(2/7)

And we had another really funny episode on NBC’s Thursday night lineup!  This was a great episode with tons for funny lines and situations to go around.

Lets start with…

April and Andy, who were tasked with getting signatures for the new park at a public forum.  April first decided that since she hates talking to people, she’s going to pretend to be Leslie, complete with one of her old suits.  The forum is a complete disaster, since April isn’t actually Leslie, and she only manages to get four signatures, two of which are her and Andy, and one of which is Farts McCool.  Andy is super supportive the whole time, and even has a revelation:  April should do the meeting as herself.  And so, he grabs the wrong bag on ‘accident,’ and forces the issue.  April runs the meeting as her sarcastic, rude self, and it is a huge hit.  They get lots of signatures, and April is awesome.  And Andy has fruit rollups on his thumbs, obviously.

Ben, Ron, Chris, and Tom are looking for a caterer for Ben and Leslie’s wedding, and they go on a taste test, where Chris is enamored with the vegan place, Ron likes the meat, and Tom is a foodie.  And by foodie, I mean he takes pictures of all the food without actually eating any of it.  This ends up being good for him, as the mini calzones were bad, and gave the other three a terrible case of food poisoning.  In the end, Ben realizes that JJ’s diner would be the perfect place to have cater the wedding, and chooses them.

And in our main story, Ann is still dating herself, and has done tons of fun stuff like skydiving and ordering two meals at restaurants.  But the conflict comes when she decides she wants a baby, and enlists Leslie to help her find a sperm donor.  Leslie doesn’t want her to do it, and seeing as Ann didn’t even ‘do’ children until last week when she played with Diane’s girls, that’s probably a smart thought.  But Leslie goes along with it, in hopes of diverting the trainwreck in more subtle ways.  They first head to Pawnee’s sperm bank, where there are no good sperm, due to the donors all being sexual predators and whatnot.  Ann then decides she’s going to find someone in her life that would make a good baby daddy, and narrows it down to a jerk doctor, a terribly astute Pete, and the Douche.  Oddly enough, the Douche ends up being the best choice, and Ann is going to move forward with her plan.  Leslie, then, needs to drop the subtle, and tells the Douche straight up what Ann’s plans are.  Of course, he brings it straight to his radio show, and Ann is PISSED. 

Leslie goes on the radio show to try to get him to stop talking about it, but that only ends in her falling into a Jello pool.  But it did help Ann realize what a huge decision this is, and that she should make a more methodical approach.  With cartoon uteri drawn by Leslie, of course.

Like I said above, this was a fun episode, and not only were there tons of funny lines, the physical comedy, especially in the food poisoning scene, were fantabulous.  The tag, where Andy and April were burning Leslie’s terrible pantsuit, was amusing if only for the fact that the fire was clearly CGI.

Oh, and speaking of funny, here are some lines for you!

Ann, regarding her skydiving experience: “I’m not sure, cause I instantly blacked out from extreme terror.”
Ron, on Ben’s description of a pouch of dough with sauce and meat: “It was literally just a small calzone.”
April, when she is wearing one of Leslie’s suits: “This suit makes me want to scold a Catholic child.”
April’s nickname for one of Leslie’s suits: “Fleetwood Mac sex pants!”
Ann and Leslie, after a disastrous visit to Pawnee’s sperm bank: “ Is there a better sperm bank in Eagleton?”  “Mmm, you don’t want a demon baby.”
Ron, regarding his food poisoning: “I did not sleep for one second last night…and I cracked the bottom of the toilet bowl.”
Random resident on why he’s scared of parks:” …and they’re dark at nighttime.”
Leslie, while planning Ann’s baby: “Besides, what is more cuterus than your uterus?”

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