Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Funny Stuff: How I Met Your Mother(2/11)

So this was a rather not funny episode.  The a-plot was pointless and the b-plot was just odd, so lets jump right in, shall we?

So Ted is still dating Jeanette, and after a stupid contrivance with Marshall and Barney, has to deal with her being barricaded in his bedroom.  Ted had decided to break up with her, and she didn’t take it well.  After several attempts at getting her out of the room, including calling the police(but oops, she’s a cop!), and Ted dressing up as Boba Fett to armor himself against her attacks.  But all was for naught, when Ted decided to continue dating Jeanette, if only to get the crazy out of his system. 

This whole plot doesn’t even make any sense.  So she was crazy before she started dating Ted(see: threatening to kill a ref at a hockey game, breaking a TV with a thrown beer bottle, staling Ted for nearly a year), but somehow she passed the psych exam to become a cop?  Ted is supposedly some sort of playboy who likes hooking up with random people, but he really REALLY isn’t(see every girl he ever dated, all ending in ‘will you marry me?’).  Hopefully, this couple doesn’t last too long, cause I kind of dislike Jeanette already.

In our B-plot, Lily and Robin are taking Marvin out shopping or some such thing, when Lily realizes that Marvin’s nook is missing, probably lost the bus somewhere.  Lily runs off to grab it, leaving Robin in charge of Marvin.  Funny thing, though: Robin had never held Marvin in his 8 months of living.  When he starts fussing, a stranger walks up, and Robin has that person take care of him.  As it turns out, that person was Mike Tyson, but Robin didn’t spill the beans on that little detail until 17 years later, after slowly revealing more and more of the story as years went on.

The concept was amusing, but execution was a bit lacking.  Neither Lily or Robin looked aged at all in any of the flash forwards, and there were too many of them for the story to even be feasible in the amount of time Robin had to do all this.

All in all, a rather disappointing episode.  I really hope we start moving forward a bit more, to get people at least slightly closer to where they are supposed to be by the time this story is apparently being told.  But now we get a season 9, so it may be even longer before we even find anything out.  Here’s hoping for a courtship season, meaning Ted meets the mother at the end of this season.

I did get one funny line for you, though:

Barney on Jeanette: “Cray Cray gotta go bye bye before you get stab stabbed”

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