Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Amazing Race: Loose Lips Sink Ships(S22E2)

Another week, another episode full of whiny teams.  The teams get a major bunch right at the start, when water taxis don’t run in the middle of the night, oddly enough.  They head out to another island, where the teams get a blessing from a priest before collecting scuba gear to do the detour.  The choices are create an underwater picnic with a helmet on, or find two red pearls in a large amount of oysters using swim fins and a snorkel.  The teams then got a map to head to yet another island, where they had to kick a coconut down a track on stilts for the roadblock, before making a mad dash to Phil, who is on yet another portion of the island. 

How did the teams do?  Let’s find out

Jessica and Jon left first, but were quickly gain on by all but the last two teams.  Dave and Connor tried to get the second express pass, but they held it close to their chest, at least for now.  Other than than, these two didn’t leave much of a mark

Bates and Anthony rocked this leg, and managed to come in first, but again, didn’t say anything to really stand out, either.

Dave and Connor made a major error this week-they forgot their scuba gear at the priest island, and had to go back after reaching the detour.  Other than that, they ran a solid leg, and actually managed to pick up a spot in the melee.  But Dave, on the run into the mat, thinks he ruptured his Achilles tendon.  Dun dun DUN!

Pam and Winnie were pretty whiny this leg, even as they didn’t make much of an impression.  They did manage to get completely and utterly lost after the detour, but did it affect their finishing position?

Mona and Beth were a complete and utter non-entity, beyond the fact that they were the first team to choose the picnic detour, and managed to pick up a few places.

Joey and Megan were pretty annoying again today, they were fully obnoxious in how proud of themselves they were in the detour, ‘oh, look at us and how smart we are for thinking of this technique’ that EVERY other team(except one) did too.

Chuck and Wynona were standard middle of the pack fare, though Wynona was a titch insufferable in her whining about being too old for this.  I just wonder what she thought she was getting into, if not a physically taxing game.

Idries and Jamil were fully scared of water AGAIN.  And again, I have to ask what they thought they were getting into.  Have they not seen this show, like at all?  Anyway, they do fine until they get to the detour, where their whole thing unravels.  They blather around for the better part of an hour, attempting to get clams and having to be rescued, before they finally change to the other half of the detour, and finish that relatively quickly.  But did their dithering hurt them?

Max and Katie ran a solid, if unremarkable leg.  It’s almost too bad they had that four hour penalty(beside the fact that I still HAAAAATE them), though it was cut to an hour and a half with the bunching.

Caroline and Jennifer also had a solid leg, and rocked the final challenge, but again, had a four hour penalty that made everything interesting.

Beyond the whining and bunching, this was a solid episode.  The challenges were sufficiently difficult, so that positions were not guaranteed, which was nice.  I also liked that they actually had to navigate themselves around, which always leaves room for extra drama(oh hi, Pam and Winnie!).

Lets see how everyone ended up, shall we?

Finishing Order(Average Place)

1. Bates/Anthony(1.5)
2. Dave/Connor(2.5)
3. Jessica/Jon(2.0)
4. Joey/Megan(5)
5. Chuck/Wynona(6.0)
6. Mona/Beth(5.5)
7. Caroline/Jennifer(8.5)
8. Max/Katie(8.5)
9. Pam/Winnie(6.5)
10. Idres/Jamil(9.0)-Eliminated 

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