Monday, February 18, 2013

The Funny Stuff: Happy Endings(1/30)

So these are a couple of weeks old, but I thought I’d get em out to you finally!

First, we have…

The Marry Prankster

Apparently, Max is a major prankster, and the gang decides to get him back by making him think he’d won the lottery.  Unfortunately, Max was a bit down due to his limo having a hole in the floor ala the Flintstones, and so did not take the pranking well.  Max vowed revenge on everyone, starting with…

Brad and Jane.  Brad got stripper glitter in his lotions and creams, which Jane had fun with to full effect(imagine Brad in a slutty cowboy outfit, and you get the idea).  Later, Jane got an exploding waffle  to the face, leaving the two to move into the b-plot.  Brad is ready for a job, and failed miserably looking in his field of expertise.  He did eventually find a job at a fun center, but Jane is not impressed, and wants him to quit.  But Brad really enjoys it, when Jane sees once she visits the center one day.  She and Brad are happy until the accidentally fall in the ball pit, and are asked to use the diaper fork to clean it out.  Brad will be looking for a new job ASAP, in case you were worried.

ANYway, next we have Alex, who is filled with anticipation for her prank, and cannot handle it, and so cuts half her hair off in hopes of staving off an actual prank, but Max isn’t swayed.  That is, until Alex asks to work with him to prank Dave, which Max agrees to.

Penny’s prank involved getting slimed when she used the land line, but Pete threw a wrench in the works when he set up to ask Penny to marry him, with roses and a little ring alter and everything.  Penny, thinking the setup was from Max, threw the ring out, but when Max informed her it was real, they went dumpster diving to find the ring.  It was then Penny realize Pete was missing.  Turned out Max superglued him to the toilet.  Whoops.  Anyway, he finally gets loose, and asks Penny to marry him, aww.

Lastly, we have Dave.  He thwarted a couple of pranks, including a booby trapped muffin basket and a booby trapped couch, which Dave was enticed to sit on by Alex, but she tripped it instead, getting flung into the air.  Finally, Dave decided to use hotplates and an ignition trip to fill Max’s limo with popcorn.  Too bad the whole thing exploded after Max got in.  Dave freak out, as you will.  That is until Max walked up behind the group, who were all there.  Dave gave him a massive hug as Max explained how he used the Flintstones hole and a tip from Alex to pull this one off.

Later, at the bar, the group was talking about how the whole thing got started, as Alex took her leave.  After she was out of earshot, Dave says Max started the whole thing with the ‘Subs for Guns’ prank, but Max denies responsibility.  The waitress brings over a fax with a drawing of Alex and ‘Gotcha’ on the bottom, but the whole group doesn’t think Alex could have done it, since she got the worst of Max’s pranking.  Cut to…

Alex walking down the street, her limp going away, and extensions being pulled out to reveal not cut hair.  Dun dun DUN!

This was a fun episode, all Inception-y and whatnot.  There were a lot of laughs(who doesn’t love toilet humor, right?)  The situation was a bit out there, but it really seemed believable for the characters.

I did get a couple of funny lines for you, too:

Max, when Penny walks in in a wedding dress: “Oh my God, are you having a breakdown?  Let me grab my camera!”
Alex, regarding her prank involvement: “I’m not as dumb as I am!”

Our Best Friend’s Wedding

Ok, so Penny and Pete are all engaged now, and the gang is having an engagement party, except oops, she didn’t invite Pete.  Penny vows to make all decisions together, but uh-oh, Pete wants to elope, which Penny REALLY does not want. 

Later, the group decides to bring Pete to a wedding expo to show him why he wants to have a big wedding, and we split into pairs.

Max and Brad fake gay to get free stuff, but when Max sees a cute guy, they ‘break up,’ much to the chagrin of the other gay guys around.  The other guys threaten to beat up Brad until he agrees to get back together with Max.  They are sufficiently awkward about it, and it is hilarious.

Dave and Alex look at planning their second wedding, Dave promising not to be the bridezilla he was the last time, and Alex pushes crazy ideas to the limit, until she breaks Dave. It was over beige napkins, so that was weird.  They get in a fight, and Dave storms out.  He eventually calms down, andmakes it up to Alex by bringing her a baby chick for the petting zoo she wanted at their first wedding.  Aww.

Penny, Jane, and Pete are going around with Penny and Jane trying to prove to Pete he wants a wedding, highlighted by the Aha-making video machine, which was fantastic.  Pete still doesn’t want a wedding, so Peny goes to pout under a table.  Dave talks her down, reminding her that it is important both people involved are happy, or one gets left at the altar.  Penny brings this new perspective to Pete, telling him she is willing to elope, and Pete is so touched he agrees to a big wedding.  Aww.

Oh, and Jane gets in a fight with a professional wedding planner, and gets kicked out of the expo.

This episode was funny enough, but it was paced really weird.  It almost felt like two different episodes, and I think it probably could have easily been that way as well.

I did get a few funny lines:

Penny, when she realized Pete wasn’t at the party: “Oh crapdammit, I forgot to invite Pete!”
Penny, when Alex is asleep after Pete finally arrives: “Wake up you tiny whore!”
Alex and Jane, when Jane assigns couples for the wedding expo: “Why do I have to be couples with Dave?”  “Because you are couples with Dave?”
Pete, after being tricked to the expo: “Looks like this reggae fest is a wedding expo!”
Penny, in trying to convince Pete he may like big weddings: “I didn’t like Korean spas until I learned the phrase “I don’t want to bleed today” in Korean!”

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