Monday, October 29, 2012

Amazing Race: Chill out, freak(S21E5)

Well, we were stuck in Dhaka again this week, so there was very little movement, with the exception of one team, but in the end, it didn’t matter anyway.

Let’s jump right in!

James and Abba start the race with bad news: James’ father has stage four cancer, and it’s untreatable.  He decides to race one, in it to win it for his father.  They don’t see a single other team in the whole leg, and finish first for the second leg in a row. Prediction time! I think these two will be top 3, but won’t win

Abbie and Ryan really REALLY hate the twins.  It’s been getting grating honestly, but the twins don’t really come out much better.  Anyway, They also want to beat Dave and Rachel’s winning leg record, but in order to do that, they needed to win this leg, which obviously didn’t happen.  Prediction time! Top 3, and may win.

Natalie and Nadiya continued on their Abbie/Ryan annoyance rampage, and did so exceptionally well.  They were super cute during the scale task, with Natalie(?) getting a local boy to chant ‘Go twinnie’ with her.  They did get a good line, though it is the one that verged on almost mean as said in a talking head regarding Abbie asking if Nadiya had done this before: “yeah Abbie, I’ve made a bloody third world scale in my backyard, are you insane?” Prediciton time!  Top 3, and may win.

Josh and Brent are the team that actually moved in the ranking.  They had a hard time finding a cab, then Brent got dehydrated at the Roadblock, so not only were they the last to get there, they were the last to finish by a long shot.  They completed the rest of the leg with little to no incident, but it didn’t get them any farther forward. Prediction time! Out next.

Rob and Kelly ran a unremarkable leg, with the exception of me being impressed with Kelly.  She’s a little fire cracker, and rocked the heavy lifting of both of the tasks this week.  If only Rob wasn’t obnoxious, and no-so-rocking the neon goatee.  Prediction time!  Out in 5th.

James and Jaymes were solid through most of the leg, and then they forgot three logs in the detour.  It was nice, though, in the fact that they fully put the blame where it belonged, on themselves.  They said, ‘we didn’t count, and we messed up.’  Much better than ‘it’s your fault, why didn’t you this, blah blah blah, whine whine whine.’  They took a moment to compose themselves, went back and got their logs, and finished the leg.  Prediction time! Out in 6th.

Trey and Lexi literally got no screen time this week.  I barely even remember them checking in, which really doesn’t bode well for their finishing place. Prediction time! Out in 4th.

This was a NEL, so even though Josh and Brent gave a terribly awful leg, they are in it for another week.   
Next week, we are finally out of Asia, kind of, as we make our way to Turkey.  Hopefully there’s a bit more team shuffling, and we’ll get some more team dynamics.

Finishing order(Average Place):
1. James and Abba(3.60)
2. Abbie and Ryan(2.00)
3. Natalie and Nadiya(3.40)
4. Rob and Kelly(5.80)
5. Trey and Lexie(5.00)
6. James and Jaymes(5.60)
7. Josh and Brent(5.60)

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