Monday, October 22, 2012

Amazing Race: Funky Monkey(S21E4)

Finally, a leg that wasn’t solely determined by terrible cabbies!  This time, it was poor clue reading and execution that doomed a team that has had waaaay too many chances.

Abbie and Ryan got the pole position, and made the most of it, despite not taking the fast forward.  They were competent, did their tasks with ease, and pulled in second.  They are getting annoyed with the twins, which is totally understandable, but videobombing seems beneath you, Abbie.

Trey and Lexi had a much harder go at this leg, and it started with cabbies again.  They got a cab that was having mechanical issues, and instead of finding a new cab, they whine and blather around, and generally waste time until they get a push start on their dead cab, which amazingly enough, works.  Then they do poorly on all the tasks, and completely miss a step of the route, but are only saved do to my most loathed team failing even harder.
 James and Jaymes are freaking adorable.  I don’t know why I like them, they are seriously the team I would have expected to hate the most, what with them being pretty boy Chippendales, but dang if they don’t have a way with words, they can really turn a  phrase and have me rolling in no time.  They didn’t do incredibly well this week, but here’s hoping for a turnaround next week.

James and Abba took the fast forward, and came in first.  They were just a little creepy tonight, what with the entourage of children following them while they collected rats, and made a odd reference to the Pied Piper, but it does appear they will be sticking around for a bit at least.

Josh and Brent were a non-entity this week, though they finished relatively high.  I’m kind of guessing they may be out sooner rather than later.

Natalie and Nadiya kind of rocked it this week, and hardcore got on Abbie and Ryan’s nerves, as I noted before.  What I didn’t note was that the twins are not big fans of Abbie and Ryan either.  One of them called Abbie and Ryan psychotic, so there’s that.  They were a bit annoying, but no more so than in previous weeks.  They had a good finish, and seem to be a team to beat.

Rob and Kelley were another team with route issues.  They actually managed to make it to the pit stop, where Phil had to tell them, “finish the course, numbnuts,” but they still managed not to get eliminated, and also managed to be one of my disliked teams.

Gary and Will are gone, yay!  Not only did they fail at the tasks, they failed at following the route as well.  You would think that “superfans” would know to read the clues.  I am so not sad they are gone.  I am also incredibly grateful this was not a non-elimination leg. The end.

This was a good episode.  I’m not to the point in the season where I’m boisterously against a team yet, so there was only a small ‘yes!’ when they came in last, but we’re quickly coming to the point where the team personalities solidify, so I’m expecting the hate(and the love, don’t get me wrong) to come full force shortly.

Finishing order(average place):

1. James and Abba(4.25)
2. Abbie and Ryan(2)
3. Natalie and Nadyia(3.5)
4. Josh and Brent(5.25)
5. Rob and Kelly(6.25)
6. James and Jaymes(5.5)
7. Trey and Lexi(5)
8. Gary and Will(8.25)-Eliminated

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