Monday, October 15, 2012

Amazing Race: There’s no crying in baseball(S21E3)

Another episode, another team completely screwed over by taxi services.

Natalie & Nadiya left first, and they were back to being annoying this week.  From calling each other dummy to berating absolutely everyone, they need to watch it if they don’t want to get on a million people’s hate list. They stick around for another week despite being stuck with ‘the stragglers.’

Trey & Lexi were basically a non-entity this week, they moved exactly zero places up or down, though they do consider Abbie and Ryan to be their biggest competitors.

Jaymes & James were amusing again this week, first attempting to fit their gigantic frames into the tiny P-cabs, and then when they got to the lion-head detour, when one of them said “I’m tasting years of culture in my mouth.”  Apparently, they balanced the 40 pound mask in their mouth, ewww. 

Abbie & Ryan made absolutely no impact on me tonight, even though they came in first.  If they win, it will be a big meh for me.

Josh & Brent were another non-entity, though they did not impress when they were talking about how great they are as people.

Abba & James got very little screentime as well, but they irked with what they did.  “We’re lone rangers, we play our own race.”  Seriously, guys, come in better than fourth if you want to extol the virtues of your race prowess.

Caitlyn & Brittany are the aforementioned team that got absolutely screwed by taxi service.  Every time they turned around, they were getting driven to the completely wrong place.  Even with several verifications that they were going in the right direction, and to the right place, they got lost not once, not twice, but at least three times.  Unfortunate, but it is nice the reality typecast blonds are gone.

Rob & Kelley  are not long for the race, and considering they wasted their uturn when it wasn’t even needed, once they falter for real, they are screwed.

Gary & Will are two lucky SoB’s.  Even though they got uturned, and uturned the wrong team in an attempt to put someone behind them, they still squeaked by with a second to last place finish.  Also, they didn’t manage to placate any of my hate from last week, their actual racing completely counteracting how they SAID they race.

The finishing order this week didn’t change much from the starting order, with the exception of the twins, and poor Caitlyn and Brittney were the second team in two weeks to be screwed over by taxis.

Finishing order(average place):
1. Abbie and Ryan(2)
2. Trey and Lexi(4.3)
3. James and Jaymes(5.3)
4. James and Abba(5.3)
5. Josh and Brent(5.7)
6. Natalie and Nadiya(3.7)
7. Rob and Kelley(6.7)
8. Gary and Will(8.3)
9. Caitlyn and Brittany(6.3)-eliminated

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