Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Funny Stuff: FOX/ABC Tuesday

Tonight, we had a couple of Halloween episodes, and a bit of plot.  Let get to it!

Raising Hope

Sabrina has a couple of gay friends, and she and Jimmy hang out with them, causing Jimmy to feel the need to understand gay culture a bit more.

He and Burt go to a gay bar, and Burt enjoys himself way more that you would expect a straight man to.  He goes back on Halloween dressed as a mailman from Village people(yes, he’s aware there is no mailman), leaving Virginia at home to pass out candy due to her Bunco club being cancelled.  She does end up at the club dressed as a guy, though, and it is super cute.

Jimmy and Sabrina, though, have a much different Halloween. 

First, Sabrina’s friends ask her to donate an egg and surrogate for them.  Jimmy doesn’t like this nearly as much as Sabrina does, but fails in verbalizing his uncomfortableness.   Sabrina decides to go through with it, while Jimmy complains to his parents.  They remind him that their family is not so good with the whole word thing, and have him use a little subterfuge to make the gay friends not want a kid.

He takes their advice, and Hope over to the friend’s house, and leaves her there after a faux emergency, all while sneakily keeping her binky on him, causing Hope to scream bloody murder as he leaves, and presumably the rest of the evening.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, Sabrina finds out what he is trying to do, and is PISSED.  They go over to the friend’s house, and are super surprised to hear no screaming Hope.  Turns out, the gay guys are way more prepared to be parents than Jimmy ever will be, and managed to wean Hope off her nook with a ring pop, and get her to sleep.  Cause Hope would definitely have fallen asleep after a big chunk of sugar like that.

Anyway, the guys decide that they want Jimmy to sperm donate, but no longer have Sabrina surrogate, to take away the weirdness.  Jimmy is totally into it, but Sabrina is having the same weird feelings Jimmy was having before.  Jimmy actually does the right thing when his fiancĂ© said she doesn’t like something he’s doing, and calls the whole thing off.  It’s super cute, and made better with the fact that Jimmy is green…not with envy, but with Hulk makeup.

This was basically a filler episode, there was no plot mechinations at all, but it was still pretty fun.

I got some lines, too!

Burt, to Jimmy, after he tells him about Sabrina’s plan to surrogate: “So, you agreed to someone freeloading on your fiance’s uterus?”
Burt, to Virginia as he’s about to go to the gay bar: “I’d bring you with me, but all the other married guys’ wives don’t even know they’re there”
Jimmy, as he’s about to tell the guys he can’t be their sperm donor: “I can’t believe I have to deny people my sperm…there was  time I couldn’t give the stuff away.”
Happy Endings

This was another filler episode, but now that I think about it, they are sitcoms.  Season long arcs are not going to be the norm, I suppose. 

Anyway, the Halloween portion of the evening only consisted of the open, which is unfortunate, because Happy Endings rocks a good costume ep.  The group is going as marionette Jackson 5, and it is about as unwieldy as you would expect.  They don’t even make it out of the apartment, before giving up and having a good laugh at Dave attempting, and failing miserably, at drinking while still attached to the rest of them.

So, three plots again this week, with the pairings shuffled from last week.

Penny and Jane go out on an adventure when Penny wants to buy a new car.  Jane is super controlling as per usual, and I just realized I am totally Penny.  Not that I’m complaining or anything, but I definitely wanted to write “ushe” for usual, except I didn’t know how to spell it, and am fairly certain no one would have gotten it if I had…

ANYway, Jane mentors Penny on buying a new car, with some pretty spot on predicitions of how things were going to go in terms of when the air would come on, and the comedically tiny glasses of water.  Penny freaks out a bunch at Jane’s abilities, but in the end, she learns from the master, and gets the car she wanted at much lower that even she was expecting.  OH, and Jane totally got a much higher paying job from the Car Czar, which constituted half of our forward momentum of the evening.

Dave and Alex are apartment hunting, and turn down every single one for more and more ridiculous reasons.  The realtor finally (figuratively) bitch-slaps them, and they have an apartment on the last showing of the evening, which is a good thing, seeing as it was the last apartment to be seen in all of Chicago.  This was kind of a boring subplot, and pointless, because they are not going to be together long term, if the writers know what’s good for them.

Max and Brad also go on an adventure, mostly dealing with how to make Brad’s Saturday traditions happen on the cheap, since Brad is currently jobless.  They go to Overeater’s Anonymous for a healthy breakfast, antagonize a burly guy to chase them for his morning run with a trainer, go to a kids birthday party for…reasons…and stand on a street vent for his steam.  I’m not really sure what the point of this plot was either, it really wasn’t that funny, and doesn’t really seem to serve too big of a general purpose, but I guess we’ll see in future episodes if it a catalyst for future events.

Funny line time!

Max, to a kid at a birthday party, regarding a favorite kid pastime: “Sup, you guys talking boog?  Ja eat it?” *Kid shikes his head yes* “ Ya gotta pick it and flick it, man!”
Realtor, to Dave and Alex after a very long day of apartment hunting: “NO! no more althoughs, you shut your face!”

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